Monday, June 25, 2007

A weekend away

Last week Cory and I were planning on driving to visit my parents for a couple of days for a VERY quick visit. However, when I went to my doctor visit on Thursday he discouraged me from going. He said it was technically my decision, but that at 35 weeks he'd say NO (I was hitting 34 weeks), and that he just didn't think it was a great idea to travel by car 7+ hours (that's if we didn't stop at all....ha!)

Anyway, after much debating and even some tears (mine...hey - I'm 8 months pregnant, I deserve to cry a bit!), we decided it was best to not risk it. And I did agree that if something was to happen, Kayenta Arizona was NOT the place I would want to deliver my child!

So since I was so bummed Cory came up with an alternative - a little mini-family vacation closer to home. So we packed up the car Saturday morning and headed off to Tropic, Utah. It's a little over an hour from here - right outside of Bryce Canyon. The drive was gorgeous, and he had arranged for us to stay at a nice little bed and breakfast . We went on rides on the ranger, enjoyed a night in Panguitch for their awesome balloon festival (they do a nighttime hot air balloon lighting - where they line the balloons up all along Main street and light them up as it gets dark), explored at Tropic Resivoir, saw some awesome deer (including adoreable babies), enjoyed Kodachrome State park (GORGEOUS!), spent time out on the lawn at the B&B playing ball with Gabe, and spent some fun time with our friends the Springers. Lots of fun.

So thanks to Cory for making a fun weekend for the whole family. Gabe had fun, I enjoyed it, and I'm pretty sure Cory had a good time too. Now we'll be sticking close to home and waiting for baby boy #2 to join us.

(On a side note, since I've been getting bigger with this pregnancy I have started snoring horribly again (much to poor Cory's dismay). Anyway, I guess last night it was really bad, and kept Cory AND Gabe up a lot. Cory told me this morning that when I'd start to snore really loud Gabe would start laughing. Then I told Cory that at one point I woke up to Gabe talking in his sleep - that I woke up and heard him yell out "NOSE!" and go back to sleep. Cory just busted up laughing. I guess that when I'd start snoring Gabe would start laughing and saying "Mommy's nose!" - since that's where the sound was coming from. It's a good thing that I am here for everyone's amusement....(too bad it doesn't amuse poor Cory, as he looses sleep).


The Thomas Trio said...

What a nice husband you have! Oh Joanna- I snored so badly when i was pregnant! Joseph would get my cell phone and record me on my voice mail! it was terrible! but I never felt too bad about it, because he didn't have to be pregnant! ;)

april said...

glad you guys had such a good weekend! :)

I feel Cory's pain about the snoring---Kevin has an appt at 9am this morning to see about getting referred to a sleep apnea Dr. Lucky for Cory he only has to deal with it when you're pregnant! I've been hearing it for 10 years! :P

Be good to yourself, dear!

\ said...

Sounds like Cory had your vacation all under control- all except the ear plugs :)

It seems you had a nice vacation- hope things work out well for you in these next few weeks.


Liz said...

The mini vacation sounds so nice! How sweet of Cory to make such a nice alternative to your NM trip.
Ug. So sorry about the snoring. Isn't the end of pregnancy the worst? Do you have carpel tunnel this time? I've been curious because I think I remember you had it with Gabe. I had it HORRIBLY with Emeline (couldn't even hold my fork to eat at dinner the last couple weeks!) but not at all with Jarom. So I was just curious...

Carpers said...

I'm glad you got to take a little trip, and get a little refreshed. :) Sounds like you got to see some beautiful stuff. Good luck with the coming weeks, and the last of your pregnancy. Love you! Alicia

The Desert Jungle said...

Oh, I'm so sad that you guys didn't come, but I do understand.... Kayenta would NOT be a fun place to have a baby. Or even worse, in the Kayenta suburbs!
Hope you're feeling good.
love, Rachel