Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Favorites

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YAY! It's Friday! I don't know why I look forward to Friday's so much....because as a Stay-At-Home-Mom - it's not like your work week is at an end on Friday....since every day is a work day....but I still look forward to the weekends. I don't have to make dinner as much (Cory's good about us eating out so I get a break), Cory's around to help out a bit more, and we try to do something fun as a family most of the time.

I thought today I'd jot down a few of my favorite things right now.

  • One of my favorite digital scrapbook product designers: Studio Baers Garten. She sells her stuff over at and is awesome! I think the reason I am so drawn to her stuff is because for one it's simple, and for two - it's cute. It reminds me of the days in scrapbooking when it was cool to do paper piecing, and simple embellishments. That is what I love in scrapbooking. I think that very often in digital scrapbooking the artists do a lot of very...."artistic" things....sometimes using entirely too many least for my taste. I like this gals stuff because it's not over the top, and it's still fun and cute. So check out her great stuff!

  • Favorite drink of the moment: Coke Zero. This stuff is great super cold, with a small slice or 2 of lemon. Very refreshing and doesn't taste "diet" at all!
  • Favorite feeling today: Having several cooking projects done, floors mopped, bathroom cleaned, mirrors shined, sliding glass windows polished - all before 9:00 am! WOW - I think that might be more than I've accomplished all week! And speaking of cleaning - I really have loved these microfiber cloths and mop we picked up at a home show earlier this spring. I love that I don't have to use any cleaning products - just water! It seems much safer with little kids.
  • I LOVE these crocs. Have I showed these before? Super comfy, and don't feel like I should be out gardening in them :). I can wear them with skirts, capris, just about anything.
  • One of my favorite inventions EVER - The iPod. I am so in love with my iPod and sometimes juts laugh thinking about what I did before I had it (I know I bought a lot less music - iTunes is just so easy!) I recently got a new 80GB silver iPod and I am in love with it. I love all the new features! I even added a fun $5.00 game called Cubis that I have a blast playing through the day (like when I'm nursing Hunter or waiting for Gabe to go to the bathroom). Pretty amazing that this little gadget holds all of my music, games, movies and even photos! I am hoping someday they will make the iPhone with more storage someday, and I can have all of my stuff in one fun gadget!
Ok - we're getting ready to head to the swimming pool with the Young Women (it's Youth Conference this weekend, so the Beehives are having their own swim and pizza party), so I should get off the computer. Gabe has been DYING to go swimming and is more excited than I think I have ever seen him!


Shelly Brown said...

I have those very same crocs and I love them. I swore I'd never buy crocs, but then I found cute Alice in red and I was sold!

Alicia & Justin Clark said...

I love crocs, I haven't seen those ones here locally yet, just the ones that have the open back with the strap, and the mary jane strap, but since I push my back strap up onto the top, I think that kind might look odd on me, but I like those ones you linked - way cute. Neat colors too. I just got a shirt in the purple and a shirt in the teal color, so maybe I need shoes to match. :D

I love my ipod too! What did we do before them? I like the Klondike game, I play it one road trips, waiting for Justin, etc. Today I was out gardening, and I've got a pair of those battery operated speakers that you plug the pod in, so I could just plant away to my ipod. I love it!

Hope the swimming party is fun! Love you. Alicia

Oh, mom says you should watch "Jon and Kate plus 8" on TLC if you haven't yet. Its really cute, we're hooked. 2 7 years olds, and 6 3 year olds, its really funny, and neat too.

Spencer & Ashley said...

I have the same mope and cloths. I lvoe them tons. The kids can was hwindows and mirrors and it looks great. I love mine too.

MaryRuth said...

I love those kits!! thanks for sending me the link... I'll have to check it out!