Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crossing my fingers....

(Ok - I've mentioned this before - that this is my version of a journal - so bear with me as I share poor Gabe's potty training experiences...)

So this morning before church Gabe and Cory were looking at fun toys that Gabe could maybe get if he gets potty trained. We had told him that once he is potty trained (and has to be totally trained for a month at least) that we'd get a BIG outside toy for him, like a mini-Hummer, mini-ranger, or mini-John Deere tractor.

Anyway, they were looking at them and Gabe runs in to me and says, "Mom - I want to get potty trained today!" I told him that sounded great - and to go try to go potty. (We've gone through this 100 times it seems - he'll go potty, and then insist on putting a diaper on.) But he wanted to put on undies. This was at 9:00 am, and I figured that I was going to a meeting shortly, I'd let him wear underwear, but that he'd probably have to change before I left for my meeting, or at the very least - he'd have gotten wet and been changed by the time I got back. But just in case - I told him he could have an M&M (one of his favorite treats) whenever he went to the bathroom. Well we might have found the trick - because the little guy stayed dry - ALL DAY LONG!

At first he ran into go to the bathroom (or to have a M&M at least) ever 3 minutes or so. I would only give him one if he went -and he did it - every time! Then we went to church - and I figured with 3 hours of church, distractions at nursery, etc - that he'd be wet before we got home (I played it safe and put him in a pull-up). Guess what - totally dry when we got home! He even told me a couple of times when he needed to go to the bathroom! Then he continued to do great when we got home, and he was dry until he went to bed tonight.

I know I'm probably jinxing myself - and Gabe - but I am so darn excited. He loves going in on his "little potty" (he gets upset of you ask him if he wants to go on the 'big' potty - he insists on using his little singing one when we're at home), and is pretty stoked by the M&M's he gets when he is successful. (Cory has also promised him a Rolo every time he does a #2 in the potty). Anyway - here's hoping, praying, and crossing my fingers that he gets excited about potty training and this can work out for us.

(There is also a part of me that feels a little sad - if he gets potty-trained - that's a HUGE step for him, and a HUGE indicator that my baby is no longer a baby! I hate changing diapers all day long, but I am also a bit sad to think of my baby getting so big!)

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