Tuesday, May 06, 2008

American Idol chatter

I've been sucked in this season, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Funny thing though - Hunter loves it too - or so he expressed to me tonight when I was trying to get him to sleep. We were watching the performances for tonight as I *tried* to get him to sleep (check the last post) and he had the hardest time concentrating, or falling asleep. During a couple of the performances he got really excited, started *singing* along, and when the audience cheered - Hunter clapped along and yelled out his support. It was a riot! (but then he calmed down and fell asleep)

And know what - Hunter has good taste. He LOVED David Archuleta - and I do too! I think week after week David Archuleta brings such amazing talent! And combine his talent with the fact that he is only 17 years old (and from UTAH!) - that makes him even more of an amazing contestant. So VOTE for him!!! (1-866-436-5704 OR 1-866-436-5708) I'm trying to figure out how I could somehow attend his party at his high school this weekend....(check out this story)

I am also a HUGE fan of David Cook. I haven't really been into rock music for quite a few years now (I laugh to think of some of my favorite music from 1994-1996...Nirvana? Live?) But I really dig his voice. And I LOVED his performance on the week with Andrew Loyd Weber when he sang "Music of the Night".

I've been listening to that, as well as a bunch of other great performances from iTunes this week.

And sadly - I think that Simon had it right when he told Jason Castro to pack his bags - I think his time is up. I really liked him in the beginning. I liked that he was different, and had that Jack Johnson feel to him - but I think he's been pretty lousy the last few weeks. And tonight - HORRIBLE.

So there you have it - my opinions - give or take them. And we'll see where it all ends up. If you're following the show I'd love to hear your opinions!


MaryRuth said...

I'm with you!!! This is by far my favorite season!!!! I love it!!!

but I have to disagree with you... Jason Castro has more than worn out his welcome and should have gone home a looooooong time ago.

I was sad to see Brooke go.

YAY for the David's!!!

The Rhiens said...

I think that it will be a battle of the Davids in the end. And personally, I think that David Cook will win. But, you never know with AI. The best singer doesn't always win.

I agree about Jason. I really liked his mellow style in the beginning. But, I have not enjoyed his singing these past few weeks.

We haven't voted at all this year. Which is crazy for us. Julia and I usually have two phones going and we haven't even picked one up once this year. I have actually watched it more than she has this year.

Who's going home tonight? Jason, I think.