Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy NSD!

So after my post earlier this week about funny holidays I thought I'd wish you all a very happy NSD. Some of you won't think it's a funny holiday, and may have even done some celebrating today. Others have NO idea what NSD is...


In my previous life, when I taught scrapbook classes, and was a full-fledged crazy scrapbooker this weekend was a fun and stressful one for me. We'd have weekend long classes, crops, sales, etc. But now that I'm a closet scrapbooker - or at least not involved in the scrapbook industry like I used to be - this is a holiday celebrated in quiet at my house. Today it meant loading up on some fun deals on-line for digital stuff, and putting together a few pages.

I have found that over time my scrapbooking really hasn't changed much. Even though I create my pages digitally, I still feel like I do the same thing, like the same looks, and I'm really not into all of the artsy stuff that can be done in digital scrapbooking. I still like simplicity, clean lines, organization, straight photos for the most part, stitching and buttons. I feel like I must include journaling on every page - and I still have a harder time creating pages about EVENTS than I do feelings and emotions (I really struggle with holiday and birthday pages - but give me some pictures of the boys being cute - and I have no problem.) So that's me.

So if you're a scrapbooker, or if you're not - hope you have a great weekend, and have some fun either creating, or documenting memories!


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

We tried to get into scrap booking this weekend. we taped all the QVC scrap book hours, but just didn't get into the mood to watch them yet. We are just more in the mood to sew and quilt and do other stuff. Like you, after teaching for a couple years and NSD being a huge, stressful, tiring weekend, it was kind of nice to spend it quietly.

We are just getting our sewing room set up after a year in transition and it is so cool, we are excited to sew again. We never did get excited about sewing in the basement so it is the first time in about 10 years that we are well set up and have a sunny room with a view.

We were discussing our style in scrapping this week too. We actually let our subscription to all our scrap book magazines expire - we just aren't interested in the "new" directions that scrapping has gone. We like our old style, like you, and just don't see the need to change.

I put "new" in quotes because felt shapes and letters were "new" when I was started scrapping in 1967. I have stated a boycott on adding felt to my pages. I WILL NOT DO IT ! ! ! I mean it. heheheh

I have so much paper and stuff I don't dare go digital. My husband would absolutely kill me. Thanks for reminding us of the holiday. Maybe next year we can do something as a family blog if you don't get to go to BYU Womens. Love Aunt Charlotte

MaryRuth said...


This was my first NSD since leaving the "industry"... interesting, sad, but a whole lot less stressful.

I did a little (ok a lot) of retail therapy to make myself feel better and to feel like I still was connected to scrapbooking. And it was fun!

LOVE YOUR PAGES!!! Thanks for sharing.

Alicia & Justin Clark said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's style hasn't really changed. Like mom said I was thinking about that the other day. I want to try new things, and do different stuff, but when it comes time, I keep with the same style and such. But I like it, its me, so I should just leave it alone I guess. :)

Happy NSD! For our NSD Justin and I got 2 goats and built a pen for them. I'll put pics and talk about them on the blog tomorrow probably. Growing our own little farm here... :)

Love you! Alicia

Kim & Tammy said...

I wasn't for sure, but thought it had to do with scrapbooking! Ha! Your pages always cheer and brighten.