Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week #20 layout

This kit was one of my very favorites so far from the "So You Think You Can Design" contest - "Love All Year Long" by JayDay Studios.

The 2nd week of the project the theme was Project 365 kits and there were some GREAT ones! If you're working on this project - check them out!

All of the creative teams I'm on will be releasing some super cute stuff in the next little bit so I'm trying to fit in as much scrapbooking as possible this weekend. Stay tuned....
On a side note - I had mentioned on here this fall that Grandma's cookies wasn't going to be making their pink and white frosted animal cookies anymore (a side-effect of the economic problems). We had bought a couple bags (at Halloween time - hence the orange cookie) and enjoyed the last ones a couple of weeks ago. Well then we were grocery shopping this week and guess what we found? You got it - Grandma's frosted animal cookies! I guess they're making them again afterall....interesting. I wonder if it was just a ploy to get us to all run out and buy up a bunch of them his past fall. Well, it worked. :)


The Rhiens said...

Guess what? I have been meaning to tell you...Grandma's cookies are back in business. I don't know all the details. But, they are. And Circus Animal Cookies are back on the shelves.

Cute layout!
Love, Mom

The Rhiens said...

Sorry...I posted that without reading your journalling. I saw the pictures in the layout and commented before realizing that you had already mentioned that they are back on the shelves. They have a yummy new lemonade cookie that is yummy, too.

Love, Mom

Sandra said...

Joanna, It always makes my heart sing to see you engaged in creative stuff--and your layouts are always so great. And on top of that, they feature your fab family, which makes my heart sing even more. And as we all know, singing hearts are essential to survival in this difficult times.So thanks for brightening my Saturday in the office. . .
Love you, Sandra

MaryRuth said...

Soooo cute!!! I love your 365 pages! I'm so wishing I had done mine digital.

And I'm sooooo happy that Grandma cookies are back in business! I never eat them(although I looove them!)... it's just comforting to know they're there! haha