Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Everything is (or will be....) under control

I won't lie - life has been really tough lately. The turn our economy has taken has really taken a toll on our lives, our business. I know it has affected everyone in one way or another, and that is what makes this situation extra hard. It's hard to feel like I am feeling sorry for myself a lot of the time, and then realize that we're not alone and I need to get off my behind and take care of the problems that I can. (And somehow let go of the ones that I can't control).

It's been hard to count on other people, and then have them disappoint and hurt us. It's been hard to see that even though we have been blessed with agency that sometimes the gift of agency means that other's choices can cause us pain. That is a concept that I'm trying to not be upset about....

It's been difficult for me to watch people that I love dearly feel so much pain and frustration and not be able to physically do anything about it. I can pray, I can plead with Heavenly Father to intervene for them - but I can't fix the problem myself. This is part of the lesson I think - learning that I (or we) can't do things all by ourselves. We must turn to the Lord and let Him intervene and help us. And know what? That doesn't mean that He will take the pain away - but that He will strengthen us and comfort us as we struggle through.

I love this painting by Liz Lemon Swindle. I saw it a couple of days ago and I am going to keep the image in my mind. It's a painting of the Lord and his mother. I picture it though that He is comforting her, he is embracing her and hoping to help her feel comfort and peace. He will do that same thing for us if we just ask! He will wrap his arms around us and comfort us - almost so we can physically feel his arms around us!

I am learning though. It's a tough lesson, and there are bumps along the way, but we can find peace when we turn to the Lord and the tools He has given to us. The scriptures for example can bouy us up when we don't think we can do it any more. I have been lead to numerous scriptures over the last weeks that literally jump off the page and call to me - tender mercies that I have felt promted to read and search out.

I am also learning a broader perspective of the Atonement. I heard a talk at BYU Women's Conference that has completly changed my view and feelings about the Atonement. It was by Brad Wilcox and was AMAZING! Check out his book "The Continuous Atonement" for more of his insights - it is inspired.

Through these trials I am finding that I need to learn so many things, but as I learn these things I have had my mind opened to others who struggle even more-so, and yet have a bright hope for the future. Take this blog for instance - Stephanie lifts me up each time I read her thoughts. What an inspiration and a reminder that "Everything is under control". And if it's not yet - it will be....eventually....


Rachel Clare said...

I'm sorry things are tough right now. Keeping you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I always want to rescue everyone. And then the pirit whispers softly "I HAVE ALREADY DONE IT FOR YOU. I DIED FOR YOU."



The Mullen Family said...

You are amazing Joanna, and your words are inspiring. Hang in there, and know we love you guys and are in our thoughts and prayers.
Love you all!!!!

Kim and Tammy said...

I had a most uplifting and fulfilling time with you and Ashley! That book is amazing and so simple to understand. Why were some things so hazy for me before! Love you!