Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Being the "Mom" doesn't mean I can't be the "Fun Mom"

This morning I was out picking weeds (which deserves a whole post in and of itself....). It was still a little chilly outside and the boys were still in their pajamas. I wanted to get it done before it warmed up too much, and wanted to just get the whole job done and out of the way.

It put me in a grumpy mood, so when I heard the boys playing with the hose that I had set out to water some dry spots in the lawn I started to yell at them to stop messing around. As I put down my weeding bucket and went around the corner to go check on what they were doing (and probably yell some more - I'd been grumpy like that today) I heard the most fantastic sound of my boys laughing. They were absolutely laughing their little hearts out - it was a sound I wished I could have bottled up to listen to again later - pure happiness and joy.

When I came around the corner I saw what was keeping them giggling - they had the hose and were drenching each other head to toe - in their pajamas in the cool morning air. Gabe said, "I needed to wash that dirty car, that dirty ball, and that dirty little man" and he turned the hose on Hunter. Cracked me up.

But they both were having the time of their lives. I was getting a little worried because it wasn't very warm yet, they were in their jammies and soaking wet. For a minute I thought, "Should I play the mom card and make them come inside until it warms up a little?" But then I decided that I could actually be both the mom and still have fun with my boys. So we laughed, we got wet (some more than others), and the boys ended it by warming up in a warm bathtub.

And not to worry - we got the "dirty little man" all cleaned up :)

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The Mullen Family said...

Good for you Joanna. YOu are such a great mom.