Monday, May 11, 2009

Parowan Gap

You know how they say that sometimes we need to just take a look at what is right in our own backyard instead of searching everywhere else for adventure? Well this weekend we had an experience with that. We have lived here for close to 5 years and I have never gotten to explore at the Parowan Gap. We were wanting to go on a little drive last night and I didn't want to do much "off-roading" since it was Sunday - so we decided to take some roads out to see this little 'hidden treasure'.

The Parowan Gap is a geological spot has some old meaning to indians in the area. There are a bunch of petroglyphs carved in the rocks - including inside of a little cave we climbed up to. As we looked closer at the drawings you could see that there were lots of meanings to them - they were cool! This site has all kinds of purpose too - having to do with the sun, the equinox, etc - it seems to be a calendar of sorts too. The pioneers thought that this was the spot that an indian chief had said was, "God's own house". Pretty interesting...

I'm glad that I could spend time with my cute family out by these neat formations and explore a little bit of hisotry right close to home.

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Sandra said...

Joanna, I LOVE petroglyphs. Thanks for sending these cool examples, and your cute family besides.
Hope you are hanging in there, Love Sandra