Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Creative Team

I have an exciting announcement (well it's exciting for me - you guys might not really care....) I have recently become a member of the creative team for "The 'Ettes' and Company". I have admired the work of both of the "Ettes" (Annette & Fayette) for years. (Their clip art for Provo Craft is still my go-to clipart for flyers and things I make for Primary!)

I love the cute style that they design with and I am looking forward to getting to create some fun projects with their products.

So go check out their website and see all the adoreable stuff they have!

The Ettes and Company


MaryRuth said...

Hoooooray! Congrats!

tami j. said...

that is exciting news, congratulations! you are one of the most creative & talented people I know. and beautiful - what a cute photo of you!

The Mullen Family said...

Yipee!!! Way to Go Joanna!!!! And can you email the pictures from your cmera from WC. Thanks. Love ya