Thursday, May 14, 2009

All these voices I'm hearing...

...are making me a bit nuts.

"Mom, I need _______"

Insert any possible word: help getting my bum on the swing, a push on the swing, make me go HIGHER!, a popscicle, a drink, FOOD! you to get Hunter out of my way, a bandaid, some clean/dry clothes, to go to the bathroom, sunscreen, the sprinkler turned on, another drink, another popscicle, another bandaid - oops, needed to go to bathroom I need more dry clothes. The list goes on and on and on. There was SO much noise!

I was trying to push the boys and their friend Noah on the swings. They couldn't quite grasp the fact that I only have 2 hands, and there were 3 swings that constantly needed to be pushed (please, oh please someone have some advice for how to teach my kids to pump their swings themselves - I'm getting tired of doing it!). But it wasn't getting through to them that I was doing my best....all they seemed to see was that I wasn't pushing their swing higher at that exact second....

But luckily there was another voice yelling out to me. (it was sad - for my waist-line). The other voice was a very strong and persuasive voice that only I can hear. It says seductively, "You NEED to eat some brownies....warm, gooey brownies with a cold glass of milk. If you would just give in and indulge it would make all of the other voices bearable for a few minutes...."

Know what? That seductive voice won, and it was right!

(Yummy brownie pictures are all courtesy of


Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

have you tried the no-pudge fudge brownies?!?! We got them at Trader Joe's, but I think they have them at our Smith's too.

SOOOO GOOOD!! and easy to make too. OH MAN! thee best brownies from a box (and they are 'relatively' good for you :)) EVER.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

mmmmmmm, brownies. Good choice. There are times for heroics and sticking to a diet and there are times when you just HAVE to have that comfort. don't beat yourself up over it. Just enjoy. LOVE YOU

Stefanie said...

ahhh...motherhood! Leaves you worn out, doesn't it!!! It sure does go by quickly though. I only have one little one that still does the "Mom I need....." . Sad, huh! Of course she makes up for the other 3!!! :)

Sure love you guys...hang in there!