Sunday, May 03, 2009

Links for BYU Women's Conference

(I posted this on our ward Relief Society blog - thought I'd share the links with you all too. I will write more later about my AWESOME, life changing experiences at Women's Conference. Thanks Ashley and Tammy for sharing it with me!)

I mentioned in church today that I had gone to BYU Women's Conference this past week. It was an amazing experience that I wish I could have shared with each of you. Well - in a way, I can...If you go to these websites - you can enjoy stuff from the conference.

Information from sharing stations: These were neat booths that they had set up with ideas for family home evening, enrichment, yw lessons, Primary lessons, ways to improve yourself, help with visiting teaching, etc. There are handouts from each booth - some short and small, some quite involved. I was VERY inspired with the ideas from these. You can also view sharing stations from previous years.

Transcripts from past talks:

They will also be eventually re-broadcasting some of the talks on television. You can find a schedule for that here:

Lastly - you can find links to previous talks here, and you can listen to them over the internet :'s amazing to me the amount of information available to us - for FREE. Take advantage of it!

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Tiffany B said...

It was so fun to bump into you at Women's Conference. I was so happy to see you. It had been to long.