Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We recently bought the boys a "Ladybug Habitat". It had a coupon with it so we could send away for our own ladybug larvae. The ladybugs came in a tube (as seen in the top of the pictures). We dumped them into the little house that we had for them. The larvae ate and ate and started growing. Then yesterday the little larvae started to turn into pupae (those are the things in the pictures that are bright yellow).

I had looked at them earlier in the afternoon and they were starting to hang upside down, but weren't doing anything fancy. Then about an hour after I had looked at them Gabe started squealing, "HOLY COW!" I ran into where he was to see what was wrong and he was bouncing off the roof about how they were changing. He now knows the lifecycle of a ladybug and keeps telling people about it. It was thrilling to see how excited he was and how he was absorbing every bit of information. The change happens pretty quickly (as you can see in the video) and is so exciting to watch! I've become quite the little bug fan....(we have an ant farm too...)

Anyway, this product is awesome and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who likes bugs, or whose kids might like to watch how things grow or change. Check out this website - it has tonz of different educational toys. We might get the praying mantis kit...

Check out this video though (it's quick) - it shows you exactly what our ladybugs did yesterday. We got to watch 4 of them do this - the other 10 changed in the middle of the night and we didn't get to see them.


Rhien Family said...

Just so you know:

Praying mantis babies are really cute when they come out of their cocoon thingy. However, they come out in large numbers, and then begin to eat each other. Only the strongest survive.

It's very fascinating to watch them hatch (if you are lucky enough to catch them coming out), but hard to watch after that.

Crystal said...

Whoa! That was too cool, my monkeys would eat that up--well hopefully not LITTERALLY, oh, you know what I mean!