Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Father & Sons Outing 2009

Cory and Gabe had a great time at the Father & Son's outing this past weekend. They took the Ranger and went on a ride with a bunch of the other dads and some of Gabe's friends. Then later in the evening they were playing with these big foam swords and one of the 11 year old boys from Cory's primary class wacked Cory in the nose with the sword. It cut the side of Cory's nose and Cory thought that it might have broken his nose too. It bled and bled afterwards and last I asked he said it still hurt. Poor guy.

Hunter stayed home with me and asked for Gabe and Dad about 500 times an hour until they came home Saturday morning. He went around the house over and over again calling their names and looking for them. When it was bed time Hunter climbed up in my bed and was pretty sure he got to sleep with me since the other boys weren't home. He sure does love having a big brother - it's fun to see how much he idolizes Gabe! Next year Cory will definetly take Hunter with them. He could have gone this year, and Cory was willing to take him - but we figured Gabe & Hunter (being so young) would have been tough for him. I didn't want his first time camping with both of them to be a tough experience and scare him off from doing it ever again.

Looking forward to next year!

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