Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ten for Tuesday

  1. Poor little Hunter...he woke up yesterday with a fever of 102.7 and hasn't felt great since then. I've kept him taking baby Tylenol and baby Ibproufen, and it helps - but he's still just uncomfortable. I think it might be teeth, but I've said that before and been wrong....any teething advice? It looks like up to as many as 6 teeth could be trying to pop through, but who knows... (edited to add - he seems pretty happy after his nap and not quite as warm. Hope that's a good sign!)
  2. When Cory bought all that stuff from his friend (see this post) one of the things was an Intelligel Bed. I was hesitant at first, but it's very comfortable and kind of bouncy. If you like SOFT beds, this is awesome. If you're more used to a hard bed it would take some getting used to. So far, so good. Cory loves it because it's the California King and now his feet don't fall off the end.
  3. Hmmm.....yummy smells....ahhhh......I LOVE a good smelling house! Whether it's a candle, smelling good from cooking brownies, or the smell of a clean floor or bathroom - smell is what it's all about. That's why I'm super excited that I spent some of my birthday money on some new Scentsy goodies. I know about 100 people who are consultants, so I haven't ordered since my initial order for fear of hurting someone's feelings. But I bit the bullet and ordered from my SIL Ashley (because she's family right?).
  4. Gabe is still at Grandma's house...I'm glad he's having fun, and I've been grateful for the "potty training" vacation I've gotten - but I miss the little bugger. Can't wait to see him soon and smother him in kisses!
  5. Hunter has been saying his own version of Dad and Gabe. SO cute! And he's tried saying duck - and quack. I think he likes not having someone to talk for him all the time.... :)
  6. Last week when I took Gabe up to spend time with his cousins I got to go to lunch with one of my favorite people - Jessica. We had lunch at my new favorite restaurant - Rumbi Island Grill. WOW! They have the most amazing salads and I can't wait to go back soon to try more (although mine was so great that I'm not sure I want to mess with perfection....)
  7. We just got the information about our trip to Hawaii that we earned from one of our suppliers. I can hardly wait! The last 2 times we went to Hawaii included newborn babies, so we're psyched to be leaving them on the 'mainland' and having a bit of a honeymoon together. Check out the hotel we get to stay at!
  8. Speaking of our trip to Hawaii. Check out the one main thing we are excited to go do - a powered parachute ride!. We saw it on the travel channel a few years ago and can't wait to try it ourselves!

  9. Just picked these up for my kitchen from http://www.pamperedchef.com/ - on clearance. My kitchen is Americana and I thought these were perfect when I saw them at our friends over the 4th of July.

  10. I found this blog today - "Seriously, so blessed" and it cracked me up! So often we blog just about all the great stuff in life. Read this blog - it's bound to give you a few chuckles. (it's a joke - so read it as such)


Tiffany B said...

Just catching up. Love that cute book that you made for your grandma! Sorry to hear that your little one isn't feeling well.

Chelsea said...

i seriously love seriously so blessed. ;-)

I am in occasional contact with laura, but just through facebook. I do have my family blog set to private still, so you left your comment on one of my other blogs. I have several. Pathetic, huh? :) Anyway, if you leave me a comment with your email address [I'll then delete it so no one else can snag your email], I'll add you to the list on my family blog.

april said...

poor little hunter! :( Hope he's feeling better soon.

Rhien Family said...

Wow, poor hunter. Teething... hmmm. We were never that great at it. GOod luck! (:

Besides poor hunter, sounds like you're pretty happy and feeling pretty optimistic! Sounds wonderful.
Miss you. It's crazy that you know chelsea.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I am seriously so blessed to have a great niece like you to brighten my life with funny links.

Hopefully, Hunter will get thru this teething thing and they'll all pop out and he'll be thru with it for a few months.

Love you, Charlotte

Hilary said...

You are seriously so blessed with all your Hawaii trips!!! :O)