Friday, July 18, 2008


  • Gabe & Hunter were wrestling and climbing all over each other (a daily occurrence lately!). Hunter had Gabe pinned down and was sitting on Gabe's head. Gabe said (in a muffled voice, as he was being sat on), "Uh Hunter - I think you are stinky. Yup - you're VERY stinky - you need a new diaper!" (this was hilarious to hear as Hunter was sitting on poor Gabe)
  • A couple of weeks ago when I took Gabe up to spend time with his cousins and Grandparents we were driving past the Mt. Timpanogos temple. When we pass temples I like to sing, "I Love to See the Temple". Gabe isn't huge on singing, but if he's prompted he'll fill in the blanks. So I sang part of the song, "I love to see the temple. I'll......go......" (waiting for him to respond). He responded exuberantly with, "Go on vacation with my daddy!"
  • We were driving home the other night and I was complaining to Cory about being invited to so many shop-at-home parties (you know - jewelry, pampered chef, Scentsy, etc.) and feeling pressured to buy stuff - even if the hostess isn't pushing. Anyway Gabe yelled from the back, "Mom - don't talk like that!" I asked him - "like what?" He said, "Like you're frustrated! You're talking louder."
  • Today at lunch Gabe made a HUGE mess with his lunch. I came into the kitchen and said, "Ugh Gabe! You made a huge mess." He replied, "Mom - it's not a mess, it's a party. And when a party is fun - it makes a mess. This is a REALLY fun party - not a REALLY big mess!"
  • We were talking a few weeks ago about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I asked Gabe what he wanted to be and he said, "An outerspace guy." I asked what Dad should be and he said, "An outerspace guy too." I asked if I could be an outerspace guy too. He said, "No, somebody has to stay and feed Hunter. And somebody has to be the counter and say - BLAST OFF!"


The Rhiens said...

It's not a mess, it's a party...that's cute. In fact, all of these are cute. Any fun birthday ideas for those two cute little boys who both have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks???


Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

Taylor's usually having a REALLY fun party at mealtime too :)

Love, Paul

Rhien Family said...

gabe- we have Really fun parties at our house all the time. You're welcome to come join us any time you like!