Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ten ramblings for Thursday

  • Cory has been working like crazy this week. I've come to appreciate him more than ever - and hope and pray that I never have to be a single mom. It would STINK! Come about 4:45 in the afternoon I am beyond ready for him to be home and help me with these boys. Love them - but they wear me out!
  • I signed Gabe up for pre-school this week. I'm a little sad about it - but for the most part I'm excited for him. It's just 2 days a week, and not too far from our house. I think he'll have fun learning new things, and playing with new kids.
  • Last night I went to see Mamma Mia. Loved it! I came home and bought the soundtrack on iTunes and have been jamming to it all day long. It was just what I needed to rejuvenate and relax after a particularly frustrating day. I thought that Meryl Strep was awesome, and I actually really enjoyed Pearce Brosnan's performance - it made me laugh at least. I think people who have criticized his voice should give him a break - you can't have an amazing voice and be the most gorgeous man alive - can you?

  • I did decide that if I lived in a musical I could be in the best shape. I mean dancing around and spontaneously singing at the top of my lungs - I'd have a great set of abs. I might look into this. Plus - if I lived in the Mamma Mia musical I could live in Greece - and I'm pretty sure that is one of the most beautiful places in the world! (And at the top of my "someday I'll see" list)
  • I've mentioned that I've been weaning Hunter from nursing....I hate means my little baby is growing up, and in a way doesn't need me anymore....I'm a bit sad about that. It's also been tough because he doesn't want to drink from a bottle/sippy cup - or anything else. So although he's generally a pretty good eater - his drinking is lacking....I talked to the dr about it (when we were there yesterday because Hunter has pink eye) and he said not to worry about it - he's getting a lot of liquid from his foods, and won't let himself get dehydrated.
  • In addition to the transition of weaning, and having pink eye - poor Hunter is still working on those teeth. He officially has 4 teeth, and 2 more to pop through any minute now. He was a beast this morning, and after his nap I checked and a new tooth had broken through (#4 to make it all the way through) and so that explained his sour mood this morning. I will be glad when this phase of life is over!
  • Hunter has been obsessed with opening drawers around the house the last couple of days. He has also proceeded to smash his fingers in each of those drawers. Poor little guy hasn't learned his lesson, and it doesn't look like he will anytime soon. Until then I'll be kissing lots of owie fingers it looks like.
  • I might be the only person in the world who is not going to be reading the new Stephanie Meyers book this weekend....I am going to read it, but I think I'm going to save it for an upcoming vacation. I'd like to re-read the series before I read this one. I'm a horrible reader when it comes to remembering things I've read. It's great because I can re-read books - it stinks because I don't remember details I should remember, and when there's a year between new books - I tend to forget what was happening in the series. So I'll catch up to you all - but until then - don't give anything away!
  • I was doing some work today for our upcoming Parade of Homes that Cory is the chairman for (love it when my hubby volunteers me to help with things!) and I was on the local Chamber of Commerce website. Check out this trip. Cory wanted us to go this past spring, but Hunter wasn't old enough to leave even overnight - much less 10 days. I'm thinking we might consider it for this coming spring. I'd love to go to China, and this price is pretty great!
  • Ugh - it's dinner time again....does it feel to anyone else that all we ever do in life is eat? If we didn't have to eat or get ready for the day (doing our hair, showering, makeup, etc) - think of all the time we'd save.


april said...

Oh Joanna! Pearce Brosnan?!?!?!? Oh honey. I'm a little disappointed! ;) I think Colin Firth is MUCH better looking. I wish they hadnt made him the gay one! :P

I'm JUST NOW reading the Twilight series, so if you start over we can chat about it together. I think I'm on Chapter 7 of the first one. Liking it ok so far. Hoping I'll like it as much as everyone raves about it!

Kori said...

Oh I have so many things to say about your post today! I'm gonna kinda of just list them out

I've always wanted to have just one day to be a musical. I think it would be so much fun - all these people busting out singing and dancing!

Sounds like a tough week for both you and Hunter! Hopefully both of you can feel better for his birthday!

I'm sure Gabe will LOVE going to preschool 2 days a week. He's such a social little guy. And 2 days will be just right too, I think. Yeah for mom having a few hours to regroup!

And about the 4th vampire book - I had completely forgotten that it was coming out this weekend! I won't be reading it yet either... maybe when the baby comes? I don't know...

Sorry for the book! Hope things shape up this week. Have so much fun with the boys' b-days and guests who may be coming!

Love ya!

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Remember the old TV show,ALF - he had a line about musicals that we use around here. I can't remember it exactly, but something about being able to burst into song and dance in the middle of a perfectly mundane conversation.

My family does not appreciate that. Grandma Doris' brother, Uncle Clint, used to wake his kids up by playing the organ or the accordian and I never knew that until after he died.

Lots of times I would wake my kids up by paraphrasing Broadway songs - it still sends a chill down Alicia's back to hear the song "Maria" from West Side Story.. AAAA LLLIIIII CCIA, It's time to get up now, AAALLLIIICCIA... you're going to be late, the school day cannot wait. ALICIA !!!

I have one to the tune of "Marian, the Librarian" from The Music Man, too, but I think you get the idea.

go ahead - add some song and dance to your life. It's in your blood = good tradition to pass to the next generation. LOVE YOU, Aunt Charlotte

Jessica said...

I think Christian Bale tops Pearce. Pearce Brosnan is handsome, but he is starting to show his age a little.

I saw Mamma Mia in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay while we lived there and loved it. I haven't seen the movie yet and probably will at some point, but I found myself jamming to ABBA again for weeks afterward.

You are not the only person not reading the new book this weekend. I have not even started the series. Life has been so busy I don't feel like I have time to devote to a series of books that I won't want to put down. I'll get to that someday too I hope!

Spencer & Ashley said...

I saw it the night it came out. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I agree it was supper good and funny and entertaining.

Spencer & Ashley said...

Oh and yes, I have started to read Breaking Dawn. Love it. Kori, how could you forgety it was coming out? LOL

Rhien Family said...

sounds like so much fun!