Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What do you remember about me?

I saw this on several blogs this week, and I thought it looked like fun. So I'm joining in (or copying - however you want to look at it.)

1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I have together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember! (You can play this even if we're just blog friends... something that you remember from the blog)

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see what memories people have of you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses.

So PLEASE post something - I don't want to look like a total looser who no one has memories of :)


Chelsea said...

hmm...my brain is a little fuzzy when it has to reach back almost 15 years, but my little memories of you mostly involve jana or girls' camp.

i just read your comment about going to sandals jamaica. i'm totally jealous! ;-) but i'm also excited for you. my bro-in-law just went to sandals in jamaica on his honeymoon last month.

The Rhiens said...

I can remember something that no one else (except Dad) can remember--the day you were born. Oh my! We were SO excited and SO scared all at the same time. But, you were a wonderful, easy baby. Another fun memory was of a day in the park in Orem, with you and cousin Rachel...eating red-white-blue Now and Laters and laughing SO hard. Another was going to Mother's Week at Rick's College with you. I think that was one of the first times that you realized that we could be friends as well as Mother/daughter. And last of all, is the memory of being with you as Hunter was born. Something I will never forget. Love ya, girl!


Ted & Carole Whisler said...

One of my favorite memories is when you came from California and just you and I went to the mall shopping for a dress for you for school. That was a fun time. Love you, Grandma W

april said...

I remember you always having such a sweet disposition and always offering up prayers and understanding to us for the whole infertility thing.

Anonymous said...

I remember you when we lived in Rexburg during college. I sat by you one Sunday at church and I commented that I just felt mad for some reason and you never sat by me again. I'm sure it was just coincidence... I was having a moment. I hope this off-the-wall comment made you laugh.

Rhien Family said...

I remember when you and Paul and I would play dress-ups. I think most of our dress ups involved Mom's old maternity clothes, and Paul ended up in a dress of some sort.

I also remember staying up late one night helping you to try and classify all the bugs I had caught for your bug collection you had me do for your science class.

I remember when you took me to hang out with your high-school friends one time at a basketball game and then to TCBY for frozen yogurt afterwards.

I remember when we had our pinata for Christmas one year and you just broke up with your boyfriend, and you beat that pinata to smithereens in your anger- I think we were all a little surprised with the gusto that you beat that poor little pinata :)

I also remember your last Christmas at home where Mom was a wreck because she knew you'd be leaving for college- and you were sort of bummed because you had officially grown up and got all sorts of grown-up gifts from Santa (I think it was a set of plates or something like that).

Another fun memory I have of you is when Laura and I came over to your house in Rexburg to hang out and to have Sunday dinners with you (we love your meatloaf!)

Ok- this is officially long now.

Love ya- Jed

Holly Child said...

First, I remember you from the "old" 2peas days.

Second, I remember coming across your blog soon after you had Gabe and thinking how happy I was that you'd finally gotten your little baby! :o)

Kim & Tammy said...

I can remember the first time Cory brought you to our home--I didn't know if you liked us or not. I was really scared because I didn't want you to not like your mother in law! Ha! The year you made all those scrapbook toppers in the shoe box and gave them to me was so heartwarming for me because I know the time you put into them and it meant a lot to me. Thanks Joanna!

Anonymous said...

I remeber your first sentence. I had been to visit you and you knew I came on the Airplane and that I came from Denver. When I got ready to go you said Denver Airplane Grandma.I thought you were a genius and still do .Love Grandma Marilyn

Spencer & Ashley said...

It was really special for me that we both took out our endowments at the same time, and then the next day I was able to attend your guy's wedding. I finally got a sister after 19 years. Thanks for your love and support. I love you!

Spencer & Ashley said...

Another memory that sticks out in my mind that I forgot to add was the day you told us that you were pregnant with Gabe. We were so excited after 5 years of waiting. We couldn't help but rejoice with you guys, and what a sweet boy he is.

Anonymous said...

+I remember when I came to visit your family in Riverside and went to the Huntington Botanical Gardens. I remember telling you that the Japanese meditation garden was like a church for buddhist people, and you quieted right down. And then you said, Aunt Sandy, I feel all quiet inside, just like in church."

And I remember coming to visit you when Gabe was 1 yr old, and your mom, Susan, you, and I sat on the floor of your scrapbooking studio late at night having a good old fashioned girls talk.

I love you, Sandra

Jessica said...

I remeber meeting you in P.A.C.K. and we became instant friends. We did just about everything together. We scrapbooked, stayed up late, walked around your neighborhood talking. Slept over at Heather's house and toilet papered it so that her brother would have to clean it up. I remember going to the Senior Testimony meeting you with guys and crying the whole way through that. I sobbed the whole way home from your graduation because my best friend was not going to be around as much and things were changing. I remember driving up to get you at Christmas the first year at Rick's with Harmony and having the windshield wipers stop working on the car I was driving in a blizzard. We kept leaning out the window with a cup of washer fluid to be able to clean off the windshield. SO STUPID of us! I remember my mom doing your flowers for your wedding and being there that whole day. Lots and lots of fun memories. You get the idea!

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I remember going to Wallowa Lake and playing water balloon fight and singing Beach Boy songs into a foil covered spoon.

I also remember you and Alicia having that fight about which of you was 4 - I wish we had taped it. You would think it was funny today, maybe. It was hilarious to us at the time, but you were very indignant that she would presume to be 4 years old when you had just had a birthday the week before. :)

I also remember the first time I saw you, I was having trouble with the beginning of my pregnancy with Alicia and we thought I was miscarrying and I sat on your living room floor and you were so precious and so perfect and I wanted SO BADLY to keep my pregnancy.... so that I could have a baby like you. :)

LOVE YOU, Aunt Charlotte

Kori said...

The first time we met we were wearing almost the same outfit and had the same hairdo. That was pretty fun! I'll always remember how much time and thought you put into things. Like Ashley, I remember when you told us you were expecting Gabe - it was our wedding day and it just added so much more joy to an already happy day.

I also remember one time 2 years ago when Chase and I (and I think other family too) came down to your house and the guys went somewhere and me and you talked in the kitchen. I wish we lived closer so there could be more memories together! Love you!

Oh! and I will always remember that you guys drove all the way up to Logan to come to my loooong and boring graduation (most of my family who lived close by didn't even go to the ceremony!) even though you left before I got the chance to talk to you guys, it really meant a lot!

Katie said...

I remember when we met. Troy and I attacked you at church, and kind-of invited ourselves over to your house. We ate icecream, and that really yummy chocolate cake stuff (Troy still remembers, and drools sometimes)And we refused to go home. We stayed for hours. (Gosh, we sound like really good friends, aren't you lucky to have us:) We just instantly hit it off, and had so much in common. We loved your family right away.

Alicia & Justin Clark said...

I remember you and Jed coming for Blake's graduation, and us playing with the new kittens. And I remember going to see you when we were around 13/14 or 14/15 can't remember which, and going to the mall, and I remember we had to go to Gap first so that you could have a bag to hide your stuff in. I think my favorite memory though is when mom and I came, and Aunt Sandy came, and we all had a mini family reunion, and one day you and I walked down to the store, and we just had a nice visit and got a little candy, and just had a fun afternoon walking around Orem. Love you! Alicia

MaryRuth said...

I remember that we started emailing each other on and off a looooooooong time ago. I don't even remember why we started emailing... I know it was scrapbook related though. And we were both from Orem.

And I always have LOVED your scrapbook style... plus you're one of the main reasons I sucked in to digital scrapbooking.

I also remember being so nervous to meet you at the Portland convention and then when I finally did meet you I'm sure I was such a dork!

Oh and I remember your little health yahoo group that you used to do!

So glad we're blog buddies! I think you're fabulous!!

cemarcano said...

The firsy time we met was at Kim & Tammy's house in Logan and you were still struggling to get pregnant, but you were still pretty positive. I liked you, but we didn't really get much of a chance to bond. I feel like I've gotten to know you more reading your blog these last few months. Hopefully we can make more memories in the years ahead! Yeah for blogs!

Anonymous said...

J- It took me a while to post because I have so many memories of you, I'm not sure which ones to post! Here goes... 2nd grade(?) cheerleading for boys playing soccer on the concrete at Price Elementary; playing kissing-tag - you were always the cute one with the boyfriends - remember Tyler O./Kip & Tad/Brett O.? CEU basketball games - we were so little, but felt so grown-up! Playing at your house in Westwood; Tye-dying t-shirts in my mom's kitchen sink - I still have mine - Ella wears it as a nightgown! All the letters we sent back and forth after you moved away - yours were always about your latest boyfriend and included photos from dances - I had quite the stack of pictures of you and people I'd never met!
=) Meeting at the SkyView(?) cafe in the canyon to spend weeks at each other's houses; trips to Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge - my mom has some great photos of you waterskiing and kneeboarding! Oh, you were my best friend growing up. You are still a dear friend in my heart. I'm so happy that we entered motherhood within weeks of each other and that you have this blog so I can keep up with you guys. One of these days I'll get around to creating my own, but until then, I'll just post really long comments every now and then to let you know I'm still here! Miss & love you lots!