Saturday, July 05, 2008

The latest for The Blind Guy

Well the latest thing in our family is Cory's new shop he's building (or rather - having built). It's in a commercial space in town (as opposed to where his current shop is - in the back-yard). This space will eventually have a showroom, upstairs offices, storage, rental space for our friend's blind cleaning business, workshops for the shutter business Cory's buying and who knows what else. But some of you have asked to see pictures, and although these don't give you much of an idea of the size, or much else - I'm posting them. We'll keep taking pictures as we go. Already things have changed since Cory took these pictures on Wednesday, I think he said they are done framing now.

This is an adventure for us, and the biggest change in our business to this point of owning it (for 4 years). It will change how things are run, as well as hopefully help us to make more connections with customers and things. The space is located close to several similar type businesses (carpet, home technologies, etc) - so we're hoping he can feed off of that business. It will also hopefully help get a space that isn't involved in our house, so we can 'leave work at work'.

Wish us luck!

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april said...

Congrats to you guys! That's a lot of excitement! :)

I understand the need to "leave work at work". Kevin's "office" is here at the house and I feel like he never quite gets away from it.