Friday, July 25, 2008

Our week

Things have been busy here this week. Check out what's been happening in the Ellis home.
  1. Gabe reached a potty training milestone. He earned a Cars Shake and Go toy that he's been waiting for. YAY! We still have a ways to go in the #2 department - but we're seeing progress.
  2. I officially have 2 of the biggest zits ever known to man. Seriously - I look like I'm growing horns over my eyes. It's been about a week and they are not going away, and I'm not happy.
  3. Hunter has been hitting milestones left and right this week.
    • He is officially crawling. He's been army crawling for a long time now, but this week he's finally on his hands and knees and doing the real thing. He'll still switch to the army crawl from time to time because he's so fast at it. He did it for so long that he's developed calluses on one of his toes that he uses to push himself around with.
    • Cruising around the furniture. He is ALL over! He's scaling walls, climbing over chairs (getting stuck in the bar-stools), climbing over people and just getting into everything possible.
    • Going up and down. He doesn't get stuck anymore, and can actually sit down after pulling himself up on things. Now if he'd just sit back down when he pulls up in his crib (he thinks once he stands up - he's UP and doesn't need to lay back down).
    • TEETH. Today I checked his mouth - like I do most days - and he has 3 teeth that will have broken through today or will by tomorrow. One top middle, 2 top sides. (and he already has his 2 bottom middle teeth). He's been perfectly pleasant - I guess all those times I said the teeth were coming were just warming us up for this totally uneventful time.
    • Hunter decided to eat us out of house and home. Man that boy can eat! I have had several people comment to me recently that they're amazed how much FOOD he eats. As far as drinking though....not happening. We're trying to wean him from nursing (and we're down to about 2 feedings a day - not too bad), but he's showing NO interest in bottles, sippy cups - nothing. So I'm a little nervous about weaning 100% because he needs to drink SOMETHING. Any suggestions?
  4. I joined FACEBOOK. Yikes! I could spend way too much time on that website. It's been fun to reconnect with some old friends, have my cute young women add me to their friends lists (even though I'm an old woman!), and check out some fun stuff.
  5. I'm working on Hunter's and Gabe's birthdays. They have way too many toys already...but I am finding some fun stuff I might end up getting them. I'm also trying to finalize birthday party plans. Gabe said, "Mommy - I don't want any presents - just a Kung Fu Panda birthday party!" So I'm trying to go with that theme....but having a hard time. Cory wants to make it a BIG party (what's new - doesn't Cory want to do everything BIG?) - inviting parents of the kids and stuff, having dinner - the whole 9. So it should be interesting.....I'm up for any suggestions.
  6. I'm officially back to doing WW. I have completely and totally fallen off of the wagon, and into a figurative ice-cream truck....I've eating HORRIBLY since about March, and getting on the scales, and *trying* to fit into clothes has scared me back into Weight Watchers. I haven't done well with it this go-around because it seems like I haven't been 100% committed to it. But here we go again....I've eaten carefully today and feel pretty good. I'll work on posting my progress, and someday some progress pictures....(but right now between the extra weight, and the horn sized zits - it's not happening!) I'd love any encouragement, great light recipes, or tips for fitting exercise into my life with 2 little ones.
  7. Yesterday we celebrated "Pioneer Day" (the LDS celebration of our pioneer ancestors). We rode in the Enoch parade (which was kind of pathetic this year...), throwing candy. Then we enjoyed our stake's big family dinner at the church with some friends. After that we packed up the kids and went on a fun ranger ride up in the mountains. I didn't manage to take any pictures though I don't think...After the ranger ride we headed home, made dutch oven cobbler, did some fireworks with the kids and stayed up way too late. Good times.
  8. When we were lining up for the parade Gabe said, "Mom - where are the pioneers who are going to walk, and walk, and walk, and walk.....and push, and push, and push?" (referring to the primary song). He has said some doozies this week...wish I had recorded them. Keeps us laughing. He has also just loved Hunter to death (almost...he squeezes the breath out of him if he gets a chance.....) - and as soon as Hunter wakes up Gabe wants to "hold him in the chair" had have me get my camera to take a picture of how much he loves his brother. The 2 of them have become quite the wrestling buddies.
  9. I got a new calling - teaching the CTR 7 class in Primary. There are 3 teachers in the class. Well, 2 teachers and an aide - because we have about a million kids. I have never taught Primary, so I'm a bit nervous, but super excited too.
  10. I came across this website today - such cute and yummy looking stuff. Darn it - I don't think it's going to help with #6.....
Well everyone - have a fantastic weekend!


Kim and Tammy said...

Joanna, I'm excited to come and celebrate the little ones birthdays! It will be fast and furious, but nevertheless, fun. I came across something today that I hope will help Hunter's teething. I can't wait. As far as Gabe, he might be disappointed in another cute book I found, but will look for something Kung Foo EE! Ha! Have a nice weekend. We're going to the open house in Twin Falls for the temple tomorrow. Love ya!

The Rhiens said...

Those Panda cupcakes on the Bakerella site might be fun to make for the party. I saw those a couple of weeks ago and thought they might be fun to make. I sure wish we could be there for the party...darn. We'll see you soon, though.

Congratulations on doing well with going potty, Gabe! I love that McQueen car you got. Mater's next, huh? You can do it!

Love, Gramma and Grampa Rhien

The Royalty Family said...

Hi Joanna
Will you e-mail me (so I have your e-mail address) and tell me what exactly you do with your scrapbooking? Meaning do you get paid, by whom, what do you do etc.? I have a friend who wants to get into doing digital scrapbooking (and other things) as a business, but she's not sure it's realistic. Thanks! I enjoyed the weekly update.

Jessica said... I can't guarantee it, but they are always up on the current kids birthday themes. I agree with the 2nd comment on the panda cupcakes. Birthday cake I would look for a bear head or the 3-d bear by wilton and then just do it panda style. The dollar section at target has all sort of Kung fu Panda stuff for favors or inspiration or fun, or whatever.

Me - Jen said...

Your boys are just cute!!

Anonymous said...

Potty training is trying to happen at our house too, but not going so well here, either. Hallie is too stubborn to do it on her own, I am sick of changing poopie diapers and I'm out of ideas. I gave up for the time being....

Weston finished the spudman this weekend, he was so excited. He did it with Jeremy Hall, if you remember him. Christine is finally expecting her 1st baby (girl) and they are so excited. It's been a long road for them.

Keep in touch!

The Frosts said...

Congrats on your potty training success! And welcome to the WW bandwagon! We can be weightloss buddies. My new favorite treat are the Target brand Ice cream sandwhiches - only 2 points each for a full sized one. YUM! Oh, and if you haven't tried the Fiber One granola bars, you must. They taste like a candybar and are 2 points.

cemarcano said...

I need to get on a WW program myself. Of course everyone says I have an excuse, but please - it's getting old.
I gotta get down to a livable size again.
I'll be looking forward to your tips.
Oh and Primary is AWESOME. You'll do great!