Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WW check in

I've decided that Wednesdays are "Weight Watchers Wednesdays". I will try to post each week on Wednesday with either a recipe, yummy food idea, etc. I'll also report on my success/weaknesses for the week.

I've stayed with the program since Friday and I weighed in today. I like having a Wednesday weigh-in because it's right in the middle of the week. Anyway, I'm down a pound. Truthfully I was a bit disappointed - I had hoped for more than a pound. But - it's better than gaining a pound - which is what I would have been doing otherwise.

And this weeks suggestion is something that was suggested in a comment this morning on my blog - but something I LOVE. Fiber One bars. I love the peanut butter ones and the caramel ones. They are a lot like a candybar and are 2 points for the chocolate ones, 2 points for the caramel ones, and 3 points for the peanut butter ones. They have a lot of fiber in them - so I feel better about eating them, and they're satisfying. Check them out!


The Rhiens said...

Good luck getting back into Weight Watchers. Are you going to meetings again, or are you just doing it on your own?

I really need to do something again. I have at least started walking again. That's a start, huh?


Liz said...

Way to go! A pound is a pound, right? I think it is so hard to get started, but being in the habit is so worth it. Good luck!

Rhien Family said...

great idea, really, I should do something like that too, only you are much better at it, I would have to call mine "fattening friday" .... maybe I'll pass, but I definately won't miss a wenesdays!