Tuesday, July 01, 2008

haircuts and some coveting....

Time was overdue for the boys (and me) to get haircuts. I didn't have time to get mine cut too - but the boys got trimmed up, and look snazzy. I love my boys with short hair. It isn't as much that it's short - as the fact that it's cleaned up. I like short clean cuts around the ears and necks. And I have an appointment to get mine done on Monday too - so I'll be much happier then!

When she got done with Gabe's hair she offered to put colored gel in his hair. He loved the idea at first, but as she was doing it he wasn't so sure - got a bit nervous. But since he's come home he's been showing it off, wanting pictures, and insisting we tell the grandma's that he got his hair cut and that it's blue. Hunter's isn't blue, but it sure is cute!

(Edited to add: There wasn't a lot of it - but the blue stuff was tough to get out of his hair tonight in the tub! It took a LOT of scrubbing!)

Hunter also started waving and saying hi last night. It was so cute! He was at it again this morning, now if I could just get him to do it when I have the camera around....

And lastly - I must admit that I'm coveting one of these little beauties here:

Seller's item photoSeller's item photo
A scooter with a side-car. Pretty awesome huh? And think of all the gas I'd save!

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Kristi said...

lol! Wouldn't that be a blast to drive around in? Although, I think I would feel a little conspicuous. ;) Love the blue touches in Gabe's hair - very festive!!