Wednesday, July 02, 2008


UGH - if I only spent 1/2 as much time actually SCRAPBOOKING as I did searching for cool new scrapbooking goodies - I'd be 100% caught up! But alas - shopping for the stuff is 1/2 the fun! So I thought I'd pass on a few more finds with you all.

Wild Weekend - free kit.

Wild Weekend

Little Dreamer has 1$ wednesdays - they have something for sale for just 1$ every week. Here's this week's deals:

One Fine DayThe Consequential Cupcake Page Kit

Cute FREE template - check out her blog:

Cute brag book. I'm still a sucker for anything with Daisies on it. This book looks super summery to me. (and 50% off!)

I love this gal's templates. And she has a 50% off sale right now - so snatch some up!


MaryRuth said...

oh my! So much cute stuff!!

we were meant to be friends... I buy more than I scrap! And I always love the stuff you pick out!

I went a just bought a bunch of those templates... I need more templates like I need a whole in my head... but who can resist!

thanks for sharing!!

MaryRuth said...

and I realize that hole is spelled hole... not whole. sigh.

Tiffany B said...

Finally taking a minute to catch up I think I had 19 posts that I was behind on for your blog alone! I'm glad I stopped in. Great stuff girl and hey thanks for plugging some of the designers I CT for.

april said...

I think the whole "buy more than a scrap" is a side effect of this hobby! :)

you're ALMOST making me want to digi-scrap! :)