Saturday, June 28, 2008

worn out

(If it bugs you to listen to someone feel sorry for herself, or complain about stupid things - don't read any further. If you have nothing better to do than be bored by my complaints - sit on down and enjoy)

I'm pooped. I don't know what it is - but this week has worn me out more than most. Actually I do know what has worn me out more than most days.... (several things).

Hunter has been a bear. I'm not 100% sure - but I think he's teething. He is SO crabby. He isn't sleeping - he didn't go down until 11:30 last night, has only had 2 little cat naps in the last 2 days, he wants to be held ALL OF THE TIME, and he's having issues with pulling himself up. He will pull himself up on just about everything, but then he panics. He doesn't know quite how to cruise around yet, and he plants his legs, locks his knees and panics. He screams and screams and screams until I'll come get him. That includes in his bed - he'll cry until I come get him instead of crying himself to sleep like he would normally do when he's so exhausted. Poor little guy also has diaper rash pretty bad. I was reading around and found that it's common for kids who are teething to also have diaper-rash - so I'm thinking that might be the case here.

But with no naps, not sleeping at night, and getting up early in the mornings - I'm getting NOTHING done. He gets into EVERYTHING, and cries whenever I put him down for 2 seconds.

Gabe is still at it...he is such a 'strong willed' little boy. In some ways I'm grateful that he is so 'strong' - but in some ways I just wish he could chill out a bit. I know in these days of the world my kids are going to need to be strong. I just need to be able to harness that strength that he has, and help him to become strong in good ways, and not just demanding. He screeches and throws fits at the smallest things. Today he was a mess because we were at Home Depot and I wouldn't buy him a treat. (he hadn't eaten lunch yet, or much for breakfast). We do indulge him too much and too often - so I think I've created that monster.....(and I'm not proud of it - just too tired to fix it).

He is also 'limping' all over the place. He saw my friend's daughter limping the other day after she hurt her foot. Ever since that he has started dragging around his right foot like he's totally injured. I've asked him what's wrong and he said, "Sadie and Daisy (our dogs) bit my foot". That totally didn't happen, and it's causing major drama at our house. Cory keeps yelling at Gabe to walk normal, and they have had quite the fights about it.

Speaking of Cory and Gabe....when Cory and Gabe get into it together it's just fabulous....Cory over-reacts to the smallest of Gabe's issues. I've been trying to 'choose my battles' with Gabe - and Cory said, "I am choosing my battles - I choose to fight all of them." That pretty much describes it. It makes things really tough for discipline because when Cory is around more on the weekends it's like there is a different set of rules, and different (not-consistent) rules in place. It's hard to have our routine of how we do things interrupted. I love having Cory around on the weekends - but I just wish we had more consistency. (I've said before that contingency isn't Cory's strong suit...the only thing I've seen him be consistent about is being IN-consistent!)

And lastly - the biggest frustration right now that's really wearing me out.

Yesterday Cory came home with 2 trailers full of "stuff". He had a friend who was getting a divorce and going through bankruptcy. Cory bought "some" stuff from him that he was trying to sell. Just a few of the things: 2 sectional couches, a leather recliner, a kitchen table and 6 chairs, California king sized intelligel bed, 42 inch HD tv, storage shelving, and relatively new (like a year and 1/2 old) stainless steel appliances - a refrigerator, dish-washer, convection oven, built-in microwave. He got all of that for the low, low price of just $2500.00. He already sold one of the sectionals, and our old refrigerator, one of our friends is taking the king-sized bed (or our king sized bed - which ever one we decide not to keep), and we have some other friends who are building a house and might buy our other old appliances. In the long run I think we'll have everything paid for - and we'll have (almost) new stainless appliances.

Anyway - in theory, this was a great deal - right? But our house has been torn apart all weekend, and Cory's made 4 different trips to Home Depot for parts to get everything set up. Also, the appliances were less than clean, and it's been tough to get it them cleaned up, stuff burned onto the broiler pans, I haven't even attempted to clean the inside of the oven, and greasy stuff all over everything. Not to mention cleaning out our old fridge, and trying to get things taken care of with that.

This weekend all I needed was a bubble bath, a nap, and a date with Cory. Instead I've been cleaning up greasy crap from someone else's kitchen, been arguing with Cory about his 'timing' (do other men have issues with timing projects like this? Or is it just my sweet hubby?), fighting the kids around the mess, and trying to keep Hunter from getting into the tools, saw-dust messes, and electric wires (while he's not napping and fussing).

So there you have it - me feeling sorry for myself over something stupid. I just need a break, a nap, and a the very least I'd like to be in bed before midnight...


Andrea said...

oh man. I could have written this exact post about 4 years ago. My boys were exactly like yours who was SO strong willed (and fought non stop with my hubby--still does) and the other so needy (and never sleeping) I thought I would lose my mind. Hayden got really sick when he was 14 months old and ended up in the hospital for a week. It was really sad and scary but honestly, it was a much needed vacation for me (until I got a positive pregnancy test while I was there, LOL).

Anyway...the good news is...things are better now..easier...I'm not as in constant demand. Skylar is still strong willed (and will be the death of me) and Hayden is still an emotional wreck, LOL...but they are older and so much easier to reason with. The even better news is that after those tough boys, having Piper has been a walk in the park. She is so easy and so good natured...and I totally deserve her. :0)

Hang in there are so not alone.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Which part of the post would you like affirmation on??? I can give you a ditto on most of it. lol

At your age, men and women are on such totally different agendas - it really does seem like we are from different planets. I used to talk to Heavenly Father about that a lot in the earlier years of my marriage.

I used to (and sometimes still) totally FEAR weekends, because I would never know if I would be working on his projects and his time frames.......or if we would be working on my projects.......or if he would go out recreating and leave me completely alone. I would have such panic attacks worrying about it.

Like you, I want to know what to expect from hour to hour. That is part of the problem with the kids - with Hunter being in this stage you have no idea if he will be asleep or awake or happy or grumpy. You can't plan your day or even your hour.

Our little pretend grandson Luke had a weekend like you describe when he was about that age, and Alicia and I were taking care of them while their folks were out of town.

He just fussed and paced up and down and back and forth in his crib. about 2am I heard his brother talking to him and I went in to yell at brother for keeping him awake, and John was saying ..."Please, Luke, I'm so tyyyrrrrrddddd. Please go to seep."

At the end of the weekend, Luke could walk by himself. He was using the comfort of having the bars of the crib to catch him so he could learn to walk.

And, yeah, the teething and the diaper rash go together. You can put the boys in Daddy's tee shirts and let them run around bare bottom outside. The fresh air heals.

Dads and sons - it is a rivalry that only they can deal with and understand. They have to find their way to get thru it. We like to watch that old tape - Bill Cosby, Himself.

"I brought you in this world, I'll take you out and make another one just like you."

I don't have any advice for you other than if you can find women who deal with this stuff without panic attacks and crying spells, let me know how they do it.

"Men are from Mars" gives some info, but don't take all of it seriously. It helped me learn about men, but it made Brian mad.

There is a good book that BYU published, I can't remember the name of it. I'll send it tomorrow. Both of these books would have helped me to get thru the years you are going thru.

You aren't alone, don't try to look to the future.... just try to go with the ride. ( not our strongest trait, but one you and I would both do well to learn.) LOVE YOU, Aunt Charlotte

James McCann said...


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Spencer & Ashley said...

Our house was torn apart too this weekend. We worked on the wood floors from 8am until we finished at 11:00pm. We only have the trim left to do, but hey, the house is put back together.

Kim & Tammy said...

I think this was the week everyone has had a little bit of 'feeling sorry' forselve blues if that makes any sense. Your mom is right though, Joanna, look at all the good things you guys do and tell the kids I know this won't last, so I'll take this o ne day at a time. Grandma Earlene, thanks for letting Gabe spend the 4th us and his cousins. We'll call and talk to you though. Everyone thinks my steam might not last f or 10 days with all o f them here and if I do run o ut, I'll just ship them all home Federal Express! Ha!

Kori said...

Wish we lived closer so we could watch the boys and you could have a little personal time. I think your feelings are totally normal and valid. Hope things are better this week.
Love you!

I know that it probably isn't funny to you at all (or at least not any more), but Chase and I cracked up over Gabe limping around - that boy is a hoot!

Me - Jen said...

Are Cory and my husband long lost brothers, it all sounds so very familiar!! Sorry about your bad week. It is Monday you get to start all over!!

Royalty family said...

I feel your pain Joanna. Raising kids is frustrating and painful at time. The most frustrating thing for me is the kids are perfect when it's just them and Chuck. But Chuck sees what they are like with me around, so he knows I'm not making things up. I feel like I get nothing done during the day because they want constant attention. Hannah is better at playing by herself than Cameron. He won't ever play alone! And the getting up at night and early in the morning (for one or both) is getting so old. I have to be careful when I complain though, because Chuck is under the impression I am not happy being a mom. But I am! I adore these kids. The men just don't get it.