Saturday, June 21, 2008

scrapping at the library

I needed a little break away from home today. I didn't have any specific errands to run (and really - where is there to go 'shopping' for fun here? Walmart? ICK!). So I packed up my laptop and I am at the public library. That might sound pathetic, but it's been really relaxing. I have done some digital scrapping, it's air conditioned, I'm sitting in a comfy chair with a nice view of the park. A nice way to relax.

Thanks Cory for watching the boys for me. What a great daddy you are!

Have a nice weekend.


The Rhiens said...

How funny! I totally understand. When I needed a break when you all were little I would head to the fabric store to look at patterns and material. Seems funny now, since I don't sew at all. But, it was relaxing back in the day. Scrapping sounds way more fun. I hope you enjoyed the time you spent at the library.


Stefanie said...

I need to get into digital scrapbooking...what are some of your favorite sites I can start checking out??? LOVE your layouts---and wow...that sounds so relaxing!!

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Ahhh, the public library. We really owe a HUGE thank you to Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Ted for instilling that love of library in us. I have so many memories of the Medford Public Library - story time and summer reading program and family home evening - Grandma would do genealogy and we kids would have the kids library room to ourselves and Grandpa could read in peace and quiet.

I can remember just about every public library in every town I have lived in.

Homer just built a new ultra-modern library and it is the "heart" of our town. It is so cool. I could totally see going there and doing something fun like scrap booking. what a good idea. And it's free !!! Love, Charlotte

The Frosts said...

I LOVE your layouts and I think it's brilliant that you went to the library to get away from it all. I just might try that!

MaryRuth said...

Great layouts and I LOVE the idea of going to the Library!!!