Monday, June 23, 2008

Gabe funnies

(I've been trying to post pictures with this post - but everything I do hasn't been I'll keep at it tomorrow. Right now I'm falling asleep at my keyboard...)

Ugh - I wish I could remember all of the hilarious things that Gabe says every day. He might exhaust me with his insessant talking, question asking, and frequent whining/fit throwing, but for the most part his hiliarious view on life keep things in balance. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't get a chuckle out of the kiddo. Anyway, all together too often I find myself drifting into that place where you're 1/2 asleep and 1/2 awake at night and remembering that I hadn't written down some funny thing that happened. I always try, in that weird sleep/awake place, to make myself remember - so I can write it down the next day - but it doesn't happen, and I usually forget. So in an effort to remember something - here are a couple.

  • Gabe was going to be boing to stay with Cory's mom overnight (which didn't end up working out - much to Gabe's dismay). I asked him which grandma he was going to visit. He thought about it for a minute and said, "I can't remember her name. I know it's not the hexagon grandma....but I can't remember her name." My mom has a hexagon shape in the wood carvings on her front door - and it took me a minute to even figure out what he was referring to. (it was even funnier a few months ago when we were visiting and Gabe started talking about the 'hexagon' on the door. I didn't even remember what a hexago looked like, and I'm not quite sure where he learned it!) Funny kid.
  • Tonight I got on the trampoline with Gabe and Hunter. The boys were wrestling and playing around when Gabe yelled, "Oh buddy - you stink! P-U! Hunter - you are poopy and you stink - one hundred miles an hour!"
  • Tonight after dinner Gabe's face was filthy - covered in food, a raspberry juice milkstache. I said, "Kiddo - you are messy! What is all over your face?" He looked surprised and said, "Nothing!" I laughed and said I didn't think so. He replied with his sweet and silly voice, "Uh - water?"
  • Whenever we ask Gabe if he needs to go to the bathroom he says, "I'm is dry". (He is getting better about staying dry most of the time though)
  • Lately when Gabe wants something - from a treat to us reading him a story he will say, "I'll go pee for____(fill in with cookie, story, to go to the store, etc)". I guess we've done a good job at teaching him to pee for rewards....a little too good I think.

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Kim & Tammy said...

I love Gabe's funnies. I was very disappointed as well because Grandpa and Coby don't think my funnies are funny anymore. Keep i t up Gaber, some of us have to add spice to our lives, right!
Love you,
Grandma Tammy