Sunday, June 15, 2008


I was looking for pictures to add to my post of the different father's that I wanted to honor today - but I coudln't find pictures of everyone on my computer. So instead of leaving out anyone special, you'll have to endure a picture-less post.

But I did want to make sure to write about dad's and what a special day today is to me.

First of all - CORY! What an awesome dad he is. He loves his boys, and works so hard to support them and me. I love when he offers to take either of the boys (he's still a bit overwhelmed by taking BOTH of them) to run errands, or to give me a break. I love that he has fun going on Ranger rides with them or doing other fun family stuff. One of my FAVORITE things is to hear him at night reading to Gabe, or saying prayers with him. Such a sweet and tender moment, and helps remind me of what an awesome daddy he is.

And my Dad - what a man! I love that he's been a friend to me as well as my dad. And I love seeing him as a grandpa - he's awesome!

My father-in-law is a pretty great guy too. He has been nothing but accepting and loving of me from the beginning of my relationship with Cory.

And to all of my grandpa's, uncles, brothers - and all of the other men and father's in my life.

We love you - and hope you have a fantastic Father's Day!

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