Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So recently I was in a conversation with someone about how they aren't very computer or internet savvy. It got me thinking about technology and how much I rely on it in life. I wouldn't say I'm a computer or internet whiz - but it sure does make my life easier. In fact, I remember when I was in jr high and there was a news story about the "Information Super Highway", and "World Wide Web" on our morning school news program (anyone remember Channel One?) I remember thinking, "Yeah right, like computers will play that much of a role in our lives. I doubt this "Information Super Highway" will be even 1/2 as cool as they make it seems. Was I ever wrong! Computers and the internet are SUCH a part of my life! I got to making a list of things I do with the internet and computer - wow!
WOW! I could go on and on - and this list isn't listing everything, but I am SO grateful for my computers, for the internet, and for people who have been inspired to create these things. And for those of you who aren't 'up with the times' - you're really missing out :)


Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

I'm with you... I feel naked without the Internet. I look just about everything up on the computer.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

It was so funny this week when we had to be in Anchorage and we figured we would do our summer shopping - but we sort of forgot how to shop in person. We have gotten so used to internet shopping over the last couple years, we were really uncomfortable trying to go around stores and find stuff. Ended up getting some duplicates because we couldn't even remember from store to store what we had looked at and what we had bought. Finally, we just gave up and came home and decided to keep shopping on line.

I can't even imagine family history without computers. I can do in an afternoon stuff that you know it took Great Great Grandma Bendixen months to do. Truly amazing.

Hilary said...

AMEN. I love the computer.