Friday, June 20, 2008

will the smell (stentch) ever come out?!?!?!?

Ok, I have mentioned it before - that we are potty training here. It's been weeks now, but we are seeing some progress every day. In fact, today Gabe did it all by himself several times (including putting his shorts back on and washing his hands) - which has me thrilled.

However - with some good - comes some bad, or some stinky.

Gabe has not mastered #2 in the toilet. In fact - for some reason I think it scares him. Anyway, he was outside running through the sprinklers this afternoon and I look out at our swingset area. He has his pants down. I yell out to him asking what he's doing. He says, "I'm giving my pooh to the bugs". Huh? I make my way out there, and a pretty nasty smell assaults me as I get closer. Then I notice pooh - everywhere from his waist to his toes. He had an accident, and then was trying to get rid of the evidence I guess. But it only got on him.

So after peeling off his swimming trunks - which were filled with the sticky crud (literally) we were scrubbing him down for what felt like forever. And now, over an hour later - the clothes are being washed, the tub has been scrubbed clean, I have a candle going, my Scentsy warmer going - I've sprayed Oust air-sanitizer - but I still smell pooh! And the scary thing is - I AM THE ONE THAT SMELLS LIKE IT! YUCK! I have scrubbed my hands with several different types of soap, put on hand sanitizer - the works - but the smell is still there.

So if any of you have any fantastic remedies for getting rid of the smells that potty training leaves behind - please indulge this stinky mommy.


Andrea said...

Joanna...I have no advice but this post really made me laugh. I am sorry...:0). Potty training stinks.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Try tomato juice Joanna, it works for skunk smell, worth a try. Good luck, we love you. Also, I'm sure we all thought that was a lot funnier than you did. hehe Brian

Candee & Weston said...

Thanks for the laugh. I totally dread potty training my 2 year old, so I am putting it off as long as possible. I hope she isn't a kindergartener and still wearing diapers...just kidding. I have to get started soon. I hope I don't have many incidences as fun as you just had.


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

the scent is probably "burned" into your nose hairs so you are smelling it - but it is only in your nose. maybe try a good nose wash or rinse with something that won't irritate you nose, but will take the smell away. Good luck - Charlotte

Katie said...

I agree with Charlott, It's most likely just stuck in your nose, and you are the only one who can smell it. The only cure that I found is smelling coffee beans. I don't normally have coffee in my house, but It's recommended when I showcase perfumes to clear out your nose so they don't all smell the same. I tried it with the poop smell (and pee, and puke, and any other thing that stinks to high heaven) and it really works! Good luck with potty training. It will all be worth it when he can do it himself.

Royalty family said...

Hi Joanna
Sorry I don't have any advice on the poop smell, but I can relate. Sometimes I feel like I smell like poop all the time.
It was good hear from you. I'll add your blog to my blog list and now I'll be able to see what you're doing. I wish I kept in better touch with my cousins, but with so many and such a big family to keep up with, it's hard.

Alicia & Justin Clark said...

I don't know if it would work, but I use vinegar when I can't get anything else to take the smell away. Might work with poo. Hope you're not smelling it today still! :) Love you.

The Jensen Family said...

I bet you are so much more patient than I am when it comes to potty training. I totally feel for your experience. Brayden went through the same thing about being scared of #2 but don't worry, they eventually get it....then you get to have fun with the relapses...oh, did I just type that...yeah, it happens! Thanks for sharing your blog with us.

Kim & Tammy said...

Oh Joanna! I am so sorry, but I like Andrea had to chuckle. If I could post like you do, I would be on more often. I can't wait to have Gabe Tuesday, though! Love ya,