Tuesday, June 24, 2008

trampoline pictures

Blogger has eaten my last couple attempts at posting pictures. So I'm going to try posting just a couple at a time...we'll see if that works out better....

So here are a couple of pictures of the boys on our new trampoline. We got it last week (kind of for Father's Day) and Gabe is slowly warming up to it. He still would rather jump on it by himself, and only likes to sit on it with me on it.

I included a picture of Hunter that is in a blur. That is because that kid is FAST, and all I can get is a blurry picture. Sometimes though - those capture the moment and tell the story better than a crisp, clear photo I think. More accurate of our life - always in a blur.

And we've had our first trampoline related injury. Last night when we were finishing dinner I looked outside and saw that Cory had moved the trampoline (temporarily - because he'd been mowing the lawn the day before). It had been moved right over our fire pit - which also has large logs for seats placed around the fire pit. I said, "Cory- the tramp needs to be moved before anyone jumps on it - or they'll get hurt." Gabe got on, Cory told me I was worrying too much, and moments later went out to join Gabe. Well, Cory wasn't paying attention, and apparently had quickly forgotten our 'discussion' - and he started jumping. He jumped up and fell down hard on his back/behind - right onto one of these logs that were sticking up for the seats of the fire-pit. There was a thud, he screamed out in agony and laid there in pain.

There was a part of me that thought, "Serves you right - you should have listened to me!" - but he was in enough pain that I do feel a bit bad for him. He thinks today (and it's more painful today than yesterday) that he might have bruised the bone. I'm trying to get him to go to a chiropractor, but he says he's too busy - we'll see if he can get out of bed tomorrow (it looked unlikely tonight as he hobbled around so uncomfortable).


Alicia & Justin Clark said...

Ouch- I bet that didn't feel good! Hope it heals quickly. :) Kids look like they're having a blast! It looks so nice and warm there. I wish it would get warm here.....sigh. :D Love you. Alicia

Me - Jen said...

Don't you hate it when that happens. You are stronger than myself for not saying anything even with pain. I really hope he starts to feel a lot better!!

Stefanie said...
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Stefanie said...

If it didn't hurt Corey--I would be snickering. OUCH! I agree---I'd have had a hard time keeping my mouth shut...but you're smarter than me...hehehehe.

I think the boys are growing up so quickly! I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks.

Last thing--email me if you will how you are able to post the pictures like this. It must be a html code or something. I've seen it all over blogs and love it..and you know me...gotta ask the question on how it's done! The expert (that would be you) always knows the answers to my questions!