Monday, March 30, 2009

WOW! Digi scrapping sale!

Ok everyone - RUN, don't walk - to!

They are having a $1.00 retirement sale - and there are SO MANY cute things on sale for just $1.00! Elemental Scraps will have a new look next week - and to celebrate and get ready for it they are getting rid of a lot of (super cute) things to make room for the new stuff.

So check it out and get some cute stuff.

Sadly Mandy (who I got to design for for a short time has decided to retire). She's expecting twins and focusing on her family - which is awesome - but sad for us who love her stuff. Check out her post here at her site to see where you can get some cute stuff for CHEAP!

And lastly - here's a layout from me.


april said...

oh noooooooooo. just on the first page there's 5 kits I want! Too bad they wont give you a commission! ;)

Stacy said...

I wondered if Mandy was leaving since so many of the items were hers. I'm so glad I found that site through their stuff.

maggie said...

it's official: I'm addicted!
this digital thing is fabulous! the convenience is out of this world! I went and bought a bunch of great stuff from elemetal scraps: the sale was awesome! Keep the cute pages comin; I've got to have someone to copy! ;)