Monday, March 30, 2009

My horoscope for today

Ha - this made me laugh a bit. I don't generally read my horoscope, or put much value on the ones that I do - but sometimes these things make me laugh at how accurate they are. A good warning, if nothing else.
There may be a great deal of conflict in your life today, dear Gemini, and different people and situations seem to be pulling you in all directions. Your sanity is being put to the test. Try not to be too stubborn, for this will only cause more tension among you and the situations that you encounter. You have the potential of stressing out over the smallest things. Try to avoid this scenario if you can.

And if you don't believe in horoscopes this might change your mind. Read Cory's and then read mine - they were written exactly for the 2 of us! Cory's says:

Tune into your dreams today, dear Aries. Do you often get an intense sense of jealousy when it seems like the people around you are living these amazing lives while you are stuck in a dull and boring routine? The only person who can pull yourself out of this rut is you, so stop complaining and simply do it. Change is much easier than it may seem at first. Let your imagination take control and work towards manifesting your most fanciful goals.


april said...

Yikes! that could have been written for a Pisces, too! ;) Hope you have a better day than your horoscope predicts!

Rhien Family said...

I try not to read my horoscope- I would put too much into mine, and let it determine my moods for me. That's good on days that it predicts good things, but not so good on days that it doesn't

Kim and Tammy said...

I agree with Earlene on this one!