Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patty's Day

We had an exhausting St. Patrick's Day at our house. Hunter had decided to get up at 3:00 am (for the day) and Gabe was up by 5:30 am. So I was ready to go back to bed, and the boys were ready to face the day. What better time to make some green breakfast :)

So we had green pancakes, green milk, and green scrambled eggs. Gabe took one bite of the pancakes and promptly spit them out. He got this funny look on his face and he said "YUCK!" I explained to him that the only thing that was different was the color. So he took another bite and said, "Hey Mom - you're right. These taste just like pancakes."

The eggs on the other hand....didn't taste or look like regular eggs. In fact, I didn't even try them - they grossed me out just looking at them. But the boys did :)

Hunter ended up falling asleep in his green food - and many other places through the morning. I guess waking up at 3:30 am wore him out a bit.

Gabe was having a "green day" at preschool and all the kids brought green snacks to share. Gabe took left-over pancakes and celery spread with chive cream-cheese. They tried all different kinds of green treats and even had a leprechaun bring them a prize (a kite).

Then in the evening Gabe and Hunter were also visited by a little leprechaun who left them with some fun green treats. Gabe wasn't there when the delivery was made and when he came home from playing with friends he found the basket with treats. He screamed and squealed with delight - it was so fun to hear.

I heard several people say through the day yesterday that they thought that St. Patrick's Day was a silly or dumb holiday. It is - it's silly, but I've always enjoyed it. I love that it's not a "required" holiday. I love that it mixes things up a little bit and that it breaks up the monotony of all the other days. I also like that St Patrick's Day signifies that Spring is coming. In today's world there are too many things to keep us from celebrating - I like to embrace a chance to dance a jig and eat overly processed/dyed green foods!


The Rhiens said...

Ha, ha! Love the shot of Hunter asleep at the table. Poor guy. Looks like you made it a fun day for them. Things were pretty low key around here. :)

Stacey said...

cute! I did that two, only I was lucky enough NOT to have to get up at 3:30 or 5:30!