Sunday, March 22, 2009

32 things about my favorite 32 year old

As I mentioned previously - today is Cory's birthday. We love him so much and are so blessed to have him in our life! So in honor of his big day I thought I'd share 32 things about him.
  1. Cory loves to work. He is one of the hardest working people I know. I know that he got this from his parents and from growing up in Idaho.
  2. Cory is GREAT at moving people. He can cram so much stuff into a small space - it is really a talent. I always tell him he should be a professional mover.
  3. Cory isn't a huge fan of reading - especially fictional books. He will sometimes start reading books about making money or starting businesses - but that's about all that will entice him.
  4. Cory wants to help others. Even when he talks about owning businesses, or doing things financially - he wants to be able to do it so he can empower others and help them to make money, better themselves.
  5. He loves being in the outdoors. Playing, or working. He actually enjoys mowing the lawn and doing yard-work. Also, one of our favorite things to do is take the kids on Ranger rides with the weather is nice.
  6. Cory looks forward to a time when his kids are older and can enjoy "big kid" activities - like bike riding, camping, and other things where they are out roughing it and participating together.
  7. Cory is a Primary teacher - teaches the 10-11 year old boys. It's funny to watch him with them - he doesn't put up with their rambuncious ways - and they look at him with respect.
  8. He hates basketball. Might watch it - but will NOT play it - hates it (thanks to some YM leader years and years ago).
  9. Cory doesn't ever think that something is impossible. He can look at ANY situation and come up with some way to tackle it. It might not be efficient or easy - but he will come up with a way.
  10. Cory is confident in himself, and assumes that all other people are confident in themselves too. He doesn't care what others think and the idea of worrying about what others think is foreign to him.
  11. Along with the last one - he also doesn't always think rules/laws are made for him....he kind of thinks that there is a different set of rules just for him.
  12. Cory isn't a big fan of Disneyland - but he's gone twice with me anyway and once to Disneyworld.
  13. He used to be really into skiing, before he met and married me. For a few years he even taught ski lessons and took up telemark skiing. Since we have lived in Southern Utah he hasn't been as into it though...(something I feel bad about every year - wish he would still enjoy it)
  14. Cory is a dreamer and a visionary person. He can see things before they come about - really picture them. This is a trait that we don't share....I can't picture the end from the beginning....
  15. Cory has this really funny laugh when he thinks something is really funny. It reminds me a lot of Eddie Murphy - kind of a barking/hacking laugh.
  16. Cory loves to snack on stuff on Sundays. Seriously - he snacks like crazy on Sunday - but doesn't eat much the rest of the week.
  17. He eats ranch flavored sunflower seeds to keep himself awake when he's driving.
  18. Cory has had so many different jobs - ski instructor, office supply salesman, lawn mower guy, insurance agent, vacuum salesman, stocker at a grocery store, door-to-door alarm system salesman, business owner, the list goes on and on. Cory also was a line dancing instructor "back in the day" - ask him about it - he'll share all the details.
  19. Cory isn't a real fan of food. He says he'd be happy with some kind of a magic "pill" that he could take once a day and not ever have to eat. It makes me sad sometimes because I'm just the opposite and find a lot of enjoyment in food.
  20. He loves watching tv - it's one of the few ways he relaxes. And he likes to flip through channels and be watching several things at once.
  21. Favorite dessert - cheesecake - but not cheesecake with any chocolate in it.
  22. Cory's drink of choice - Dr. Pepper. Sometimes Mt Dew - but mostly Dr. Pepper.
  23. Favorite color - red. This is funny to me because when we were first married I tried to get him to wear something red and he hated it. Then once we bought The Blind Guy he got into the color, and now he almost always wears it and says it's his favorite color.
  24. Cory loves Idaho. He would move back in a heart-beat if he could. He loves the weather, the people, the beautiful scenery. His favorite is the Teton mountains and someday we'll live close to them....
  25. Cory's not real into video games. We did buy a Wii a year or so ago and he just hasn't gotten into it. He was so sure he would play it all the time - but it bores him.
  26. Cory doesn't just sit back and relax well. Like on vacation - he has to be doing something - and usually something adventurous like dune buggy rides, or zip line trips.
  27. Cory served a 2 year mission for the church in Peru. More than anything I want to be able to take him back there to visit the area, see the people, and have him share his experiences with me.
  28. When Cory was in high school he was on the Madison High School boy-girl drill team. He's really quite proud of that.
  29. Cory's best friend (other than me of course) is his friend Trent from high school. We are both lucky because Trent married an awesome girl Melissa and the 4 of us are great friends. We both wish they lived next door to us. (which will only happen if we move back to Idaho - right?)
  30. Cory doesn't like chocolate - at all. Except hot chocolate pudding with ice cream - which he likes to eat on Sunday evenings.
  31. Gabe says, "Dad likes to do things with us - because he LOVES to spend time with his family." It's true - Cory might not be gushy with telling people he loves them all the time, or smothering them in kisses - but he does like to spend time with them and be together as a family. His boys certainly know that their daddy loves them.
  32. Cory loves the gospel, has a testimony and loves our family - these are the most important things in the world to him.


The Mullen Family said...

I think #30 was a genetic thing, passed down from Mom. LOL. We have introduced tons of people to the chocolate pudding and ice cream, and everyone loves it. That was a tradition passed down from Dad. I think that is the only real chocolate most of us will eat. Besides German Chocolate cake. LOL. Happy birthday Bro!!!

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

hope he had a good birthday... fun to read... learned some new things about him...

Stefanie said...

fun---learned some things about Cory that I didn't know. Line dancing? we'll have to hear that story at the reunion.

Yep---chocolate pudding and vanilla ice cream--an Ellis thing for sure. The German chocolate cake thing must be too...yuck.

Anonymous said...

All of the above are why Cory is on my favorite persons list!! Love Grandma Marilyn

Kim and Tammy said...

Fun to read and recall so many things about this great guy! Love always!

doug said...

Well aren't you getting up there. Have to say I'll enjoy being 31 for another couple of weeks. I love being able to see what you are up to every now and then. One of these times I need to call and ask you all about your Ranger, I think one would be useful up here. Take care! Doug Boehme