Monday, March 23, 2009

signs that make me crazy

We have 2 signs here in town that make me absolutely crazy every time I pass them - totally nuts. Last week I realized that the signs are on opposite sides of each other. Weird.

Anyway - these are the 2 billboards....does anyone else think they are the dumbest signs you've ever seen?
  • Seriously - how can ANYONE join something that is exclusive. How exclusive is THAT?
  • And since when is NAUVOO a foreign country???


Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

ha ha - thanks for sharing... good for a laugh

Wendy Kae said...

You're so funny and I agree about Nauvoo being a foreign country, duh!

I 'm glad you keep up on your blog, I love reading fun stuff about my friends.

Chris and Jana said...

That is pretty retarded. I hate billboards that are annoying, because you have to drive by them and always notice them. I feel your pain.

Tiffany B said...

That is funny! Somehow I missed the signs while driving to St. George. Must have been sleeping lol.