Wednesday, March 04, 2009

GRRRRR - our version of spring

Every year around this time I start getting ready to pack our bags and move somewhere - ANYWHERE without wind. I am not a fan of wind and every year it seems that it gets worse. I get SO uptight and frustrated with the wind because that the kids can't go out and play, my hair is constantly a mess, there is garbage blowing everywhere - and my new "favorite" - the yard 'decor' that accumulates in our yard.

Get a load of the tumbleweeds that have attacked our yard. There are some pictures through the day, and all over our yard. You can see that there aren't any places that are safe. But along our back fence is the worst...Not quite sure how we're going to get rid of it all!


Rhien Family said...

sorry, this shouldn't be funny- and the only reason it is, is because I thought you were exaggerating earlier when you told me about how bad it was... I was wrong. That' bad.

Stacy said...

Wow!!! Way worse than I a had pictured. I'm glad that I have mostly houses around me so that I only accumulate a "little" bit of tumbleweeds. We always put them in the truck and drive them to a field FAR away or try to put them in our yard waste container.

Mrs. Ellis said...

I thought you were exaggerating too... these photos are awesome and, oh was I wrong! I am so sorry! That is a mess! could you have a giant bonfire and burn them all? Do tumbleweeds smell when you burn them? Hmm.... Good luck with that! :)

The Mullen Family said...

I am so sorry. That is bad. That is the ONLY thing I don't miss at our house in utah. Good luck. Lvoe ya

Rhonda S. said...

OH my...that is a ton of tumble weeds, maybe you should take down your fence and let them blow away next week when the winds start up again :) hehe! Now I'm thankful we don't have a fence up yet.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

ohh, I like the idea of taking the fence down and letting them blow someplace else.

I have seen them accumulate like this along the fences along the highway around Pendleton, but that is a lot for someone's house.

I do think burning them is the best answer, but you have to wait until the wind isn't blowing and you have to rake them away from the wooden fence (obviously). good luck.
Love charlotte