Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today I was told of a friend in our ward who had a baby who passed away before ever having the chance to take his first breath. Heartbreaking. I can't imagine the feeling of experiencing this as a mother - my heart literally aches and hurts for their family.

Then a few minutes ago I was led to this blog: Gracie's Blog - and again my heart is full of feeling. But this time although I have thought of the pain the family has gone through - my heart is so full of love, gratitude, and peace.

I am feeling so much love for my Heavenly Father who must ache as we go through trials, love for my children, family and friends, and love for a plan that will help us to return to Him. I am so grateful that I believe in the true gospel of Jesus Christ. So blessed because we have this gospel, this knowledge of life after our experience here on earth - I feel so truly blessed to have this knowledge to get me through tough times. It brings me peace to know that there is a plan, a plan of happiness - in place, there is a way to be together again as a family, and life doesn't end here - but will go on for eternity - and it can be so as a family.

Life is tough, and it's hard work - but I think that knowing this puts it in perspective, makes it worth it, and bouys me up when times are hard. I hope and pray that others can find - or remember the same peace and gratitude that I have, and that everyone's prayers will be felt.

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