Thursday, March 05, 2009

Don't worry Barrack - it's not just you

Image: Barack Obama

So one of the headlines on MSN this morning was "Obama's hair turning gray by the day". When I clicked on the article it said, "As economic crisis builds, young president's hair becomes just a dash saltier.

I had to laugh at that because this week I've been lamenting over a few new gray hairs that I've found. I found my first gray hair in the spring of 2003 - so I was 24. It was an isolated incedent (but I remember it well - it was at Jessica Kopp's house in Springville after we'd been working on some new scrapbook product ideas).

Anyway, there have been a few here and there - but nothing too alarming. I haven't pulled them - because my mom always told me that if you pull one 2 grow back in it's place. I'm sure that's not true - but it was enough of a warning to keep me from plucking. It seems like I'd find one and the next day forget where it was - so I would stop worrying about it until a few months later when I'd find another one (or maybe it was the original one - no way of knowing).

But last week I had the sides of my hair pulled back away from my face when I saw the one that freaked me out. This one was short, and it was SO noticable. It was on my right temple and it seems like every time I'd glance in the mirror a spotlight would appear to highlight my new silver beauty. I haven't pulled it, but I've thought about getting out a sharpie to color it in :)

In a few months I hit the big 30 and it scares me a bit. Seeing this new addition has just verified what I have been feeling - I'm getting old. But I guess I'm not alone - Obama and I actually seem to have something in common. I guess we could just change that headline to say, "As economic crisis builds, young mother's hair becomes just a dash saltier".


Alicia and Justin Clark said...

My hair is going white, not just kind of white, or maybe a little off color - WHITE white. Usually I try and show someone, and they say oh no, its just blond, so I yank one out and lay it on a piece of paper, or a white shirt, whatever I can find, and the hair totally disappears. Then they say, wow that is white! Oh well, I keep trying to tell myself to just let it go gracefully, and not worry about how I'm going to look in 10 years, but its hard! :)

Tarrah said...

That's funny. Can't imagine how stressful his job would be, I'd probably be bald. HA!

Katie said...

Poor guy with all of the really important things he should be worried about he now has to worry about getting a dye job to keep up appearances. Poor Joanna, with all of the really important things to worry about...:)
Keep smiling, I'm sure you are the only one who even notices. It must be something about turning 30, I remember that when Troy turned 30 he all of a sudden became really sensative about going bald. I don't know why, he had been going bald for years, but all of a sudden being 30 AND bald was too much to handle. Funny how we do things like that to ourselves.