Friday, March 20, 2009

The big 3-2

Sunday is Cory's big 32nd birthday. WOW! With things the way they are I can't run out and buy him anything that he wants for his birthday (the new Maxima, the speed-boat, matching know - the BIG gifts) - so I'm trying to be creative.

I was thinking if everyone could either email me with a note for him (coryjoannaellis at msn dot com), or leave one in the comments here - we could all work at showing him how loved he is. Mention something you see as a positive quality, things you admire about him, etc.

He doesn't read the blog (much to my dismay most of the time - but it's working for me here) - so feel free to post here. Thanks for the help!


Sandra said...

I love that Cory is such a stand-up kinda guy. I was so grateful when you guyz came to SLC to help clean out Marilyn's apt. And I was so grateful for his organization, his can-do spirit, and his willingness to just roll up his sleeves and get it done. And I love the commitment to family and to helping others that is so obviously a part of his makeup.
Happy birthday to you Cory, Sandra

Kim and Tammy said...

Cory is not afraid to tackle problems. He is driven with a deep sense of accomplishment and desire. That desire comes from a brother that set the example for him to follow. He is thoughtful, caring, dedicated, service oriented-always looking for service opportunities, committed, and a dedicated father, husband, and son! Thank you, Son, for being YOU!
Love always, Mom

The Rhiens said...

Cory is such a hard worker! He sees a job and just gets in there and does his best to get it done. He's quick to see another's need and jump in to fill it, too. He's very generous and willing to help where he sees a need. He has big dreams and does what he can to make them come to pass.

We love you very much, Cory. Thanks for all you do to provide for and love Joanna and the boys. Hope your birthday is a good one and that it is the start of a very blessed and wonderful year for you.

Love, Mom and Dad Rhien

Anonymous said...

I love Cory because he knows I love him and that I know he loves me so he can take a nap at my house.Ha! Ha! I love him for his silent strength and that he has big dreams .Dream big work hard play hard. Things will be looking up soon.
I so apppreciatehim for the care he gives Joanna. Cory and Hunter.
Love Grandma Marilyn

The Mullen Family said...

Cory is a great brother. I HATED High School, but my Sophmore year was THE BEST. Cory always invited me along to hang out with him and his friends. He watches out for his family.
I can clearly remember a certain baseball player I was dating at Ricks, and I got a letter from Cory while he was on his mission that said, "Mom told me about this guy you are dating. Be careful AShley, and know that not just anyone can date my sister, let alone marry her. You had better not get married before I get home, casue I have to spprove of him." I still have the letters he wrote me, and it was nice to know that even with him so far away, he was still looking out for me. And, I am glad he approves of Spencer.
You are a great husband, father, Uncle, and brother. Happy 32nd Cory. We love you.

Kim and Tammy said...

I know that Mom has already commented but I wanted to let you know that I am proud to have you as my son. I can remember when I tuned 32, oh wait I can't remember, oh well. Cory does watch out for his family by finding ways to help them with their work and suggestions to make things better. Thank you for caring for all your family and being a great example of always looking forward and making things happen. Happy Birthday Son.
I Love you, Dad

Rhien Family said...

I think Cory is a very fun person. He's not afraid to put himself totally into something to have a great time. He's not worried about what other's think, and is sure of what he is doing. Cory is about as loyal as a person can possibly be. He is also a dedicated and committed person. I think all those traits make him the best kind of person to have as a friend or family member. Cory also has a strong persevering attitude and relentless work ethic.

I hope you have a great day today Cory! Have a great birthday and hope this upcoming year is full of lots of new and exciting opportunities.

Happy Birthday.