Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome Baby Lucy!

My little brother Jed and his wife Laura welcomed a sweet new baby into the world last night.
Lucy Marie Rhien
We're excited for Allison to be a big sister, excited to see Lucy grow up, and wish like crazy that we lived closer to family - not getting to hold Lucy is heartbreaking.
It makes me think alot about living close to family, we never really have. When we were first married we did live close to Cory's parents in Rexburg, but that was only for like a year or 2. Other than that - we have lived on our own for the most part.
A friend of mine recently said, "It must be hard to not have family live close by." (She's lived here all of her life, and so has almost all of her family - they're even all in our ward!) It made me realize that some people don't even understand living far away from family. Some people live next door to their parents, down the street, or just across town from their siblings. Lucky....
I wish my kids had cousins to play with, grandparents to babysit when we needed to go out, family to have Sunday dinner with, a sister or sister-in-law to scrapbook with, or just go to lunch with.
Sadly, I don't think we'll probably ever live close to family. At least not in the next few years. Visits to see family will involve packing bags, driving hours and hours, and taking off work.
But we love you family. Whether you're in New Mexico, Utah, Texas, or elsewhere.


Rhien Family said...


You mentioned that Lucy's hair looks redder than Allison's... I think that actually it's going to be my shade of brown. It doesn't appear that red at all. I guess Alli's hair looked fairly dark at first, but Lucy's is even darker. She also has a lot more hair than Alli did at birth. She hasn't started to loose any of her hair yet, so that's also promising.

Laura's hoping for a dark haired Lucy, and I thought a red-headed Lucy would be fun. I guess we'll see, but it looks like Laura wins.

cemarcano said...

It is nice to live closer to family sometimes.