Thursday, April 17, 2008

template layout and a miracle

So now I'm hooked on these templates - so fun! I found some fun ones - that are right up my alley. Check out this site: Manda Girl. This template is one from her site. And fun part - they're free!

Anyway, if I didn't over-think the templates, I bet I'd be a lot faster at putting together layouts...but alas - I think to much about what papers/elements/etc to use. Hopefully over time I'll get faster.

And for the miracle - HUNTER IS NAPPING! He slept in the car for several hours on Tuesday (don't worry - we were driving, and I was in the car), he took a 4 HOUR nap yesterday (Cory finally woke him up because we were worried he'd slept so long), and he's been asleep over an hour today so far too. YAY! If all goes well, maybe we can develop a napping schedule, and all will be good in the world.


Spencer & Ashley said...

that is good. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Tiffany B said...

Great page Joanna. I have been to that site too and agree she has some great ones. Can't wait to see what you create next. Congrats on the little napper.