Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Miss you bubba!

Well Gabe is off - off on Spring Break. Now what would a 2 year old be doing on Spring Break (and what does a 2 year old need a 'break' from?) Well he's having fun and playing with his Mullen cousins. The Mullen kids have been asking for weeks if Gabe could come and stay for a while - but they wanted to be able to have fun and not have him at home when they were off at school - so Spring Break it was! So I met my sister-in-law Ashley about 1/2 way between our house and their's, and we passed him off.

And know what?!?! I miss him! It's so much quieter - there's no one chattering around, no one telling me what to do (for a 2 year old he sure is bossy!), and no one to talk to. Hunter has noticed that Gabe's gone too - but he's been quite happy - and enjoys having all of the attention. It's funny that even at 8 months I can tell that Hunter tells a difference in the amount of attention he's getting from Cory and I - with Gabe gone.

Anyway - little bubba - we know you're in good hands and having a blast. But we miss and love you! See you Saturday.


Spencer & Ashley said...

Gabe says... I miss you too. I am having really fun. I love you. I am heading outside. hugs and kisses. Love Gabe

He is being so good. We are having so much fun. We are going to head out to the park in a little bit, then have a picnic tomorrow at the tulip festival. I will post some pictures on my site.
He reminds us every night in prayers to bless mommy, daddy, and hunter.

cemarcano said...

what is your site ashley? I was trying to get to it, but had some trouble. I'd love to add you -