Wednesday, April 23, 2008

some random facts

I'm feeling a little in a blogging slump.  I'm tired/lazy, and don't have much exciting to post about.  I do have some pictures I need to play around with and I'll post them when I don't feel quite so tired/lazy.  But here are 5 random things about me.  Nothing thrilling - but I guess since this is my journal, it's good for me to record some of these every-day things.


  1. I am OBSESSED with towels.  I have to use my own towel and it grosses me out when someone else wipes their hands on my towel.  And I am obsessed with how towels smell.  The thing that grosses me out more than anything else on this earth is a towel that smells like mold/mildew.  I have been known to actually make myself sick because of the smell of a towel or washcloth.  I am so picky with the smell of towels that I've been known to take my own towel with me on vacations.  Oh - and I can't use a wet towel either - like if Cory uses a towel to dry off with - I CANNOT use it too - YUCK!
  2. I don't really like vanilla ice cream – at least not on it's own.  Sure, with a nice hot piece of my mom's boysenberry pie; or if it's with a bowl full of "Brown Betty" (the BEST Hot-Fudge-Cake – I'll need to post the recipe when I'm not feeling so lazy) – but on it's own – I can totally pass it up. This is not something I can say about most treats…
  3. I blow my nose louder than just about anyone on earth.  In fact, in 1st grade I had a cold and I blew my nose - one of the teachers at the school yelled at me and sent me out in the hall because she thought I was doing it to try to get attention.  I remember crying because that was just the way I blew my nose!
  4. I really enjoy going to movies by myself.  I love sitting wherever I want, not having to share the popcorn (and being able to put as much salt on it as I want!) - and I just really enjoy the time to myself.  In fact, after a long hard day with the boys the best thing Cory could do for me is to offer to watch the boys while I go to a show by myself.  Sometimes I feel guilty, but for the most part I feel relaxed - like I've gotten to escape for 2 hours.
  5. I don't love wearing my wedding band…that sounds horrible – but I just feel claustrophobic with rings on my fingers (especially when I'm not 'skinny').  It's right up there with how sometimes when I'm wearing my hair down I also feel claustrophobic and just have to pull it in a pony-tail…I guess I'm a bit of a freak.

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Katie said...

You are too cute. I love reading more about you. And you should post the recipe. I think you made it for us the first time we went to your house to visit, and Troy still talks about it all the time:)

MaryRuth said...

the towel thing makes me laugh.

I think a movie by myself sounds heavenly

And don't feel bad... I rarely wear my wedding ring... makes my husband sad but I just don't like things on my fingers... and I hate the click click click it makes when I'm trying to type and my ring keeps hitting the keyboard.

And a Vanilla ice cream cure? Come visit me and I'll take you for Blue Bell homestyle Vanilla... so gooooooood!!

Anonymous said...

I like a movie by myself. I hate others comments . Its my make believe time. I still love Brave heart.
I love your honesty on your blog. love grandma Marilyn

Alicia & Justin Clark said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels claustraphobic with their hair down. I can only stand it for a little while, then I have to put it up so it will stop touching me and get off my ears. Glad its not just me! :) Love you. Alicia

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

WOW - I had no idea we were so much alike. I'm sure your mom can tell you how psychotic I was about my towel when I was growing up (I still am - I've always taken my own towel on vacation and cannot stand using a towel that someone else has used or that smells funny).

I spent a lot of my tween and teen years alone on Friday nights watching movies alone. I still love it. This week I just discovered watching movies by myself on the laptop. Mr. Magoriums magic emporium ! ! ! A Great MOVIE - and I don't like to share my popcorn.

I also could never wear rings. I have lots of them - like 3 different wedding rings and I wear them for a couple weeks, then I just can't.

I do like vanilla ice cream though. sorry.

I love you just the way you are... :) Aunt Charlotte

Hilary said...

too funny! I hate stinky towels too... and wash rags in kitchens!! Ick!

Funny about your loud nose blowing!

and ditto on the vanilla ice cream - I only like it with CHOCOLATE.

cemarcano said...

I'm not wearing my rings at the moment because either I gained too much weight with my pregnancy or my fingers swelled up the first month. I took them off and I haven't been able to get them back on again.
I have to agree with maryruth - blue bell does an amazing vanilla - we're spoiled in Texas I think. Vanilla is actually my favorite - sorry. Although it is a bit better with cookies or sherbert.