Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy National Grumpiest Day of the Year!

Apparently somewhere in the world it must be "National Grumpiest Day of the Year" - because we are certainly celebrating at our house!

This morning Gabe woke up giving us the definition of "Terrible Twos" - screaming, yelling, throwing fits - you name it. He was supposed to have a friend over to play, and I almost cancelled because he was such a wreck....I should have....They played ok, but Gabe kept yelling at me, throwing fits, and bossing poor little Noah around. And during all this Hunter was exhausted and screaming too. And either he has allergies, is teething, or has a cold (it's anybody's guess which) - and his nose was running like a faucet.

BUT - the silver lining to the day was that BOTH boys took a nap this afternoon, and it seems that we're now only celebrating, "National (pretty) Grumpy Day".

And join us tomorrow as we celebrate "Get every toy out that you possibly own and make a huge mess of the house DAY". I'm pretty sure celebrations have already begun today, but will be sure to continue through the week :)


The Rhiens said...

Maybe it is time for National "Get the Boys to Bed Early and Relax a Bit Night". Good luck!

Love, Mom

Kori said...

My mom always says that from her experience it is terrific twos and terrible threes - but lately I've really been hearing about the terrible twos from a lot of people. Maybe it's reverse for you and he will be absolutely terrific in another 3 1/2 months! If only you could really count on things changing by a certain date!