Friday, December 14, 2007

Our Boys!

Sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh about being a mom. I have tried getting some good pictures of the boys lately, but I haven't been real successful. Then this morning Gabe wanted me to take some pictures of him, but I wad afraid if I hurried and did his hair that Hunter wouldn't be too excited about it - so I took their pictures as-is. Hunter had been laughing, smiling, and then the camera came out - and NOTHING! Little stinker.

This week Hunter has been talking up a storm. Especially when he's eating. Yeah - he talks to me all through our nursing sessions. It started out as funny - but it's gotten loud and distracting. I can't even watch the news while I'm nursing him because he talks over it! He coos, moans and just makes all kinds of funny noises. Yesterday I had to take a break in my shopping at Walmart to nurse him in one of the dressing rooms and I wondered what the people in the adjacent dressing rooms were thinking - it was pretty comical. (Is it in the movie "What about Bob?" when he just moans and makes all of those gross sounds about how good dinner was? That's what it reminded me of!)

Hunter has also been a stinker lately with sleeping at night. We've had a few pretty good nights, but we've had a couple of nights lately when he gets up like every 1 1/2 - 2 hours all night long. Wears me out! Luckily it doesn't happen every night - but when it happens a few nights in a row I'm a wreck. I'm so tired, and being tired makes me snack all day long...not a good combo!

Gabe's been a typical 2 year old lately. I have to keep reminding myself that this stage will pass, it will pass. There are days though when I try to look at it with a different point of view, and realize that I'm lucky he is as "vocal" as he is, and that he knows what he wants. That's a trait I hope my kids develop (though in a more polite way....) - to know what they want in life. It's good to be determined - right? Cory sure is, and I think that's a good trait for them to develop. Today Gabe was cute though - he kept wanting to "Snuggle in mommy's bed and read books!" I tell ya - I can do that! I LOVE reading to the boys and especially when it includes snuggles! I've been giving the boys a Christmas book each day in December so it's been fun to see what the day's book is. (I got some cheap books from a Scholastic book order)

Gabe is also still very sure that Santa is going to bring him a "Mater COPTER!" (Mater Helicopter from the Cars movie). I have ordered one for him, but it's out of stock everywhere and the soonest Target's website says I'll get my order is like the 8th of January. Bummer huh? I did find a small little helicopter toy and I'm hoping it will fit the bill until Santa makes another appearance at our house in January. It's not that Gabe will be wanting on Christmas Day - I think we've bought him almost every other kind of toy there is - I just wanted him to get the one thing he actually asked for.

This weekend we don't have any big plans. It's BUNCO tonight with friends, but other than that - not much. I'm just about done with Christmas shopping - except perhaps a few more little things to finish for Cory. I have my neighbor gifts about 50% of the way finished - but that just involves putting things in bags and tying them with ribbons (I'll post them later). But all of our other shopping is done. I've been a lot more organized this year (I've had to be with 2 kids!) and that feels good. Now I just need to WRAP, WRAP, WRAP! We have our guest bed COVERED with Christmas present for everyone and I think it might take us until Christmas Day to get them wrapped. Good thing Cory ROCKS at wrapping gifts!
(Has anyone else noticed that sometimes Blogger does the screwiest things with formatting? Drives me nuts!)


Tiffany B said...

Oh they are just sooo cute! Fun posts. Your journaling about the boys made me smile and I enjoyed looking at your decorations too. Fun idea to give them a new book each day in Dec. I'll have to try that some year.

Hilary said...

Cute banner!!!!

Your boys are so adorable! What cute pictures!

Carpers said...

The pictures turned out great. That is strang that Gabe just wants that helicopter. Our friend Autumn's boy ( he turned 2 in May) has been saying he is getting a helicopter from Santa since August. He went to the post office with his dad and bought one of their Christmas boxes that has Mickey on it for Santa to put the helicopter in. He even made them stop beside the highway where there were some trees - he took the box and put it under a tree to see how it would look there. Then they got back in the car and continued on their trip. I don't know if she has found a copter or not. She and Alicia are going to Anchorage tomorrow - I'll have to remind them to get a helicopter.