Monday, December 03, 2007

Hunter is 4 months old!

Yikes! Here we go again - another post with me going on and on about how fast my kids are growing up, how time is zipping by. And it is! Hunter is now 4 months old - 1/3 of his first year is over. I do have so say that this last month has been my favorite. Hunter has become (generally) a very happy baby. He's content sitting in his swing, determined to stick both of his hands in his mouth at the same time. He is full of smiles and loves to sit and talk to us. He doesn't however like being on his tummy - hate it really. We keep at it a little every day, but he ends up rubbing his face around on the blanket so much his poor nose gets all goobery and yucky. But it's helping him build the muscles he needs and he's rolling over a bit more as a result. He still doesn't roll a ton - but every once in a while - and he rolls over to his side all the time.

And he's getting bigger all the time too. He's 13 1/2 lbs so he's doubled his birth weight. He's in the 20-40% for everything, so he's a smaller kid, but what did you expect from Cory and I? (I just hope he hits 5 foot before his mission....!) I've also had more and more people say how much he looks like Gabe. I think he does definetly look like they're brothers - but they also have a lot of their own characteristics. In looking at pictures of me and my siblings when we were in Farmington last week I saw a lot of similarities between Hunter and my brother Jed, and Hunter and me when I was little. It's so fun to make those connections and see those similarities! But yes - he does look like Gabe, and it will be fun to have the 2 little tow-heads running around after each other in a year or so.


Anonymous said...

What a guy. He may look like Gabe but he certainly has his own personality. Don't you just love it! I am always amzaed at the beautiful spirits heavenly father entrust to our care. Give him and Gabe extra hugs from Gmarilyn.

Holly Child said...

I can't believe how much Hunter and Gabe look alike!! CUTIES!!

Carpers said...

what a precious baby. I'm glad he is getting happier - that makes it a lot easier on MOM . I love the fact that you got both boys to smile on Santa's lap - that has to be one in a million. I never realized how scarey Santa was to kids.

We were lucky when Blake was little - his visits to Santa were always in the living room, and for some reason, Santa's voice seemed really familiar to Blake and he wasn't scared. hmmmm wonder why Santa seemed so familiar.
Love, Aunt Charlotte

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

it was fun to see him again. he is growing up so much (but it sounds from this post that you know that more than anyone).

Love you,Paul