Friday, September 07, 2007

Five for Friday

1. I had a tasty sandwhich for lunch today. An onion bagel (I found some yummy 1 point bagels - Western Bagel brand) with light garden veggie cream cheese and sliced turkey - only 3 points total and really quite yummy.

2. Gabe has a friend over playing. It's a neighbor boy who's 2 months older than Gabe - and 2 heads taller. I don't think his mom leaves him with people very often - so we'll see how it goes (20 minutes into it it's going alright - we have 2 1/2 more hours to go). Gabe keeps saying, "c'mon Noah! C'mon!" (come on). And they're down playing cars right now. Yesterday I had a meeting and Gabe was all excited to play with the little girls who would be there. Unfortunately they were playing dress up and princesses, and the poor little guy felt left out. So this will be good for him. Cory's taking them on a ranger ride later too - so lots of fun for the little boys.

(this picture cracks me up. I told the boys I wanted to take a picture of them together. Gabe kept hugging Noah, and saying, "Cheese it Noah!" When Noah wasn't cooperating Gabe took his hand and said, "C'mon Noah, hand!" Noah didn't ever really warm up to the camera)

3. Hunter turned 5 weeks yesterday. He had a bit of a hard time last night, not wanting to go to sleep. While I was trying to get him down I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of him at 5 weeks - so I pulled out the camera. Cory couldn't quite understand why at 11:30 at night I was snapping pictures of Hunter...(men - sheez!) And no, I don't plan on taking pictures on his "weekly birthday" for the rest of his life - but right now when they totally change by the day - I figure I want to document all the looks.

4. Speaking of Hunter - he LOVES bathtime! There is only one of his cries that I have learned to really decipher - and it's his, "I want a bath!!!" cry. About 8:30 at night he is ready for a bath and starts to scream. He can be screaming and screaming and I'll start the bath-water and he quiets right down. He loves really warm water, and has just started to discover kicking his feet makes splashes in the water. Gabe also loved his bathtime. There are times when he has a fussy night that I wish I could give him a couple of baths - just to enjoy that peaceful time.

5. We had some fun visitors this week. Paul and Nicole came through on their way back to Rexburg from Farmington. Even though life was hectic when they were here (sorry you guys...) it was good to see them for a second or so. Taylor is such a sweetie. I hope that she and Hunter can be good friends since they're only a month apart in age.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I hope that you all have a wonderful and relaxing one. I'm hoping to visit a few of the houses at the Parade of Homes. Cory was in charge of the whole parade this year (and next year too) - so I hope that I can at least get around to a few of the homes. We'll see...


Anonymous said...

As soon as Gabe has more friends over, Joanna, they'll want to come all the time. They probally haven't been around such a celebrity that loves having his picture taken. You are an awesome mom and Cory's a super duty dad! What can I say!

Carpers said...

Such cute pictures of Gabe, Hunter, and Taylor together. So neat to see family growing together. Fun. Love you! Alicia

The Rhiens said...

How fun to have some pictures of the three cousins together...if only Alli had been there, too. That's so cute that Gabe wanted his friend, Noah, to cheese it up for the camera. Thanks for sharing so many fun shots.

Mom and Dad

april said...

Gabe looks so tiny next to his friend, and then so big next to his cousin and brother! Craziness!

I found these really yummy vegetable crackers at HEB (do you have those?). Your bagel sandwhich gave me the idea to put cream cheese and turkey on them. That'd be a pretty good OP lunch! Thanks!! :)