Sunday, August 07, 2005

Yup - still here.....

and still pregnant. Not that it's a bad thing. There are parts of being pregnant that I will actually miss. I love to feel the little guy kick and roll around. It's so special because it's something that just he and I experience most of the time. I'll feel kind of lonely in that regard once he is born.

However, I will not miss a few things:
  • Swollen ankles/feet/legs - Today I made the mistake of putting on a cute pair of clog style shoes. Then the feet started to swell. So my feet were kind of wedged into the shoes. I decided I'd leave them on and deal with it tonight when I took them off. Well when I got home I peeled them off. The feet were ok....swelling kept to a minimum because they were stuck in the shoes. But my ankles and on up my leg are HUGE! Kind of look like elephant legs.
  • Sleeping on my side - I love sleeping on my tummy, and with this watermelon shape I can't do that very well. Plus sleeping on your back is discouraged. So trying to stay on one side is tricky. It will be nice to also start sharing a bed with Cory again. Since I am so uncomfortable, and wake up so much he's taken to sleeping in the guest room. (But he did manage to inform me tonight that he can still hear me when I grunt and roll over...)
  • Eating mouse sized meals - It seems like when I am the hungriest I can't eat! There is no longer any room in my tummy for anything more than a tic-tac, swallow of water, and 2 cheerios....kind of a lousy dinner if you ask me :). And because there's no room for a full meal it seems like I have to eat all the time. I won't miss that.
  • Being about 15 degrees hotter than everyone - I swear that a pregnant woman in the summer should not be allowed. It's HOT! Our poor air conditioner, and electric bill! I could see me investing in a swimming pool for future summertime pregnancies.

But overall, I am so grateful for this pregnancy, and for the chance that Cory and I have to bring this child into the world - that all of the little things about pregnancy that stink are totally worth it!

Now if I could just get up the energy and patience to go to church tomorrow afternoon and endure another round of "Are you STILL pregnant!?!?!" - this pregnancy would be a piece of cake.


Anonymous said...

Just like to let you know that you shouldn't get too excited about sharing a bed with your husband again. By the time you actually get into bed, you immediatly fall asleep - only to wake up three times for feeding, during which you glare at your husband wondering why he is sleeping.
The greatest thing is when people ask YOUR HUSBAND if he's getting any sleep, and he acts like he's suffering through it!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sneaky to have the baby just before church started so you didn't have to face everyone AGAIN. POST A PICTURE, I'm dying to see here. Love, Aunt Charlotte