Sunday, August 14, 2005

Proud Parents

We couldn't really be any prouder! Gabe looks just like Cory - in fact there are times when I look at him and wonder where I come in. But I love looking into his eyes and seeing so much of his daddy in him.


Anonymous said...

Duh, I have been waiting all week for someone to post pictures, and then I remembered your blog! It's great to see the latest addition to our family. And I am not sure anyone has been born in our family with that much hair since--me, way back when in 1950!

Congratulations to you both. I hope you are enjoyed having Earlene there--I can tell from the pictures she's in that she is sure enjoying it!
Did Cory get to take a little time off for the exciting first days?

You are in our thoughts,
Love, Aunt Sandra

Jed said...

Wow- You are right!!! Gabe looks just like Cory!
Thanks for putting up pictures of you with the baby. I really think you are both wondeful parents.
He has a lot of hair! what color are his eyes?

We love you so much.

Paul said...

I was talking to Nicole and her parents yesterday when we were out in Driggs, and they haven't seen ANY pictures of their new niece/granddaughter... and she was born a couple of weeks before Gabe:) THANK YOU for posting pictures of Gabe.

He's adorable, and a real miracle~! I'm one proud uncle and brother. I look very forward to Labor Day weekend now!

Love you, Paul

Anonymous said...

I tried posting earlier, but don't think that it worked...

I was out in Driggs yesterday talking to Nicole and her parents and they still haven't seen any pictures of their new little niece/granddaughter. And she was probably born a couple of weeks before Gabe. THANK YOU for posting!

I am a proud uncle and brother! Gabriel is so adorable and such a miracle.

I love you - Paul