Tuesday, August 30, 2005

23 days old, 23 reasons I love my sweet Baby Gabe

I can't believe it - but Gabe is 23 days old. Every day he changes, and grows up some more. I know I'll (unfortunately) forget a lot of the little milestones, but I'm trying to enjoy each moment. So today I thought I'd list 23 reasons I love my sweet Baby Gabe - one for each day.

  1. He reminds me that there are still miracles!
  2. He looks at me with absolute love
  3. His innocence and sweetness
  4. His soft toes and fingers
  5. He makes me want to grow, and become closer to my Heavenly Father so I can teach him all about how much Heavenly Father loves him.
  6. He stops crying when I pick him up – almost like I’m rescuing him
  7. He loves to tuck his little legs up and snuggle on my chest
  8. He trusts me unconditionally
  9. His sweet milky smile after finishing eating – looks so satisfied and content
  10. He is so pure and wholesome
  11. He looks around and seems to just be absorbing everything, experiencing it all for the very first time.
  12. He is so fresh from heaven, and from the arms of Heavenly Father
  13. The instant he was placed in my arms I became a new person – I became a mother.
  14. He likes to hold my finger while he nurses
  15. The way he looks up at me when I’m feeding him – with such concentration and attentiveness. Sometimes if seems like our souls are talking to each other.
  16. He reminds me that Heavenly Father is mindful of us, and knows what each of us need in our lives
  17. He is an answer to thousands of prayers
  18. He makes me feel like I’m fulfilling my divine role of a mother; what I’ve always wanted to be and do!
  19. He helps me to learn patience daily
  20. He reminds me to slow down, and enjoy the sweet, small things in life – they grow so fast!
  21. He makes me feel closer to Cory, to feel even more like a family than ever before
  22. No matter what, he will always be my “baby” – even when he’s old and gray
  23. He love me no matter what – he doesn’t judge me, doesn’t care what I’m wearing, if I’ve showered, if I stink, or even if I have on makeup. He loves me unconditionally.


Jed said...

that is really beautiful. Your thoughts about being a mother are very sweet. Thanks for sharing them with us. We are so excited to see you this weekend! I can't wait, even though it means we have to get back in the car again after our trip to Oregon.

Giovanni Castiglione said...
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Giovanni Castiglione said...

Can I come with You to see your wonderful creature?

Granma Tammy said...

You always come up with the sweetest thoughts. You guys are going to be awesome parents to your children.

april said...

#23 is the best reason of all, I'm sure! :)